Yes, you too can have a voice in bringing “recognition of the world’s biggest contributors to our global addition to fossil fuels”.  Energy Action Coalition, Co-Op America and Rainforest Action Network have joined to present “the FOOLIES: the Fossil Fools Awards, 2008“.

Perhaps even more than figuring out what to do with an Oscar vote, the FOOLIES present the voter with a very difficult choice:

  •  Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, “the leading financial backer of mountaintop removal coal mining … a top funder of new coal-fired power plants” (and, we might note, a company building a LEED Platinum HQ in NYC)
  • Rex Tillerson, CEO Exxon-Mobil, … does this require explanation?
  • Ed Stelmach, Premier of Alberta, Canada, “for promoting oil extraction from … tar sands … the world’s largest industrial project …”
  • Burce Williamson, CEO Dynergy “for its unceasing promotion of dirty coal power”
  • Rick Wagoner, CEO GM, “for keeping AMerican addicted to oil by mass production of polluting hummers …”

And, the list goes on … sadly …

Now, you too can join Fossil Fools Day ’08:  A day of Action to Expose the Fossil Fools! 

On April 1, 2008 young people from around the world are rising up to show the world that we refuse to fool around with climate change and our future. The Energy Action Coalition is calling on communities across Canada and the US to join this global day of action and show the fossil fuel industry and bad politicians that we mean business. Ideas include, but are by no means limited to: rallies at gas stations or representative offices, Critical Mass bike rides, office occupations, Billionaire’s for Tar Sands/Coal demonstrations, spank the bank visits, high-powered projections of solutions on the side of dirty energy factories, Board of Trustees meeting take-overs, hold a clean energy camp at a dirty energy site, do solar installations, make spoof videos and websites, offer alternative, clean energy bus rides, do some coal mining of your own at a coal company’s headquarters…

What are you doing 1 April?


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