George Carlin: Global Warming Denier … ?


4 responses to “George Carlin: Global Warming Denier … ?

  1. I have lived in New Orleans for 48years we refine and drill for oil here.The climite here has never changed.Could global warming be a yankee or left coast disease?

  2. Zap. Perhaps you should look to science and records as to the “climite”. What is your basis, in fact and science, that nothing has changed in New Orleans? And, in any event, note the word “global”. Hmmm …

  3. Note that New Orleans was underwater for a year there. Sounds like a change in climate to me…

  4. Hi George,

    You could be a lucky guy. When the climate in our country changes and we burn in heat maybe you are gifted of not have to bother about this in your New Orleans.

    This is also news for us that somewhere in some country Global warming has no effect.

    Please see this too which I am in…

    We’re working on a global project to demystify the carbon markets and create an army of environmental entrepreneurs. The Carbon Advice Group ( is running a free affiliate program that enables individuals and businesses to get their own white-label website with carbon calculators and the ability for visitors to purchase carbon credits. We believe that by paying our affiliates a small commission from the sale of the carbon credits we will be able to significantly increase awareness about the positive benefits that the right type of carbon credits can bring to the communities they affect, as well as moving money from those that have it to those that need it. We see Global Warming as the greatest team challenge we have ever faced and we hope we can play a role in becoming part of the solution.” Thank you

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