Solve tomorrow’s problems. Today.



Procrastination is a disease that inflicts many of us (certainly not excluding this author) and The US.

It seems that there is nary a chore, nary a challenge whose solution can’t be put off to tomorrow or, preferably, the day after.

The time has passed. It is time to change our habits. We must start doing our chores.

We must stop making a mess. We must fight to clean up our collective messes. 

We, together, can solve tomorrow’s problems.  Today.

Al Gore gave a speech Thursday (video) in Washington, DC, one that set a major objective before us, a path toward clean up our biggest mess, the dumping of carbon and other pollutants into our atmosphere and waters. He set a path for us to begin to  Solve Tomorrow’s Problems, Today.  And, he gave another speech earlier today in Austin, Texas, at Netroots Nation that raised, not just Global Warming, other serious problems in our society and democracy.  He laid out problems, but, at the core, stated:  Carpe Diem.  Seize the Day.  Work together, fight to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems.  Today!  

Nancy for a moment …

Nancy Pelosi had a long session prior to Vice President Gore’s talk and answered questions alongside Gore.  The engagement and participation within Netroots Nation is welcome, with her direct statements of appreciation for the Netroots’ quite real role in contributing to the Democratic Party victories in 2006 and the role quite notable. 

Pelosi’s opening had a notably strong emphasis on americansunitedforchange.orgGlobal Warming, an issue that she seriously cares about and understands.  Sadly, however, within the comments she threw out a line that is being bandied about to fight the Republican lies about DRILL! DRILL!  DRILL! and did not complete the concept as it should. She talked about the effort to Free Our Oil and releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to help lower gasoline prices. 

My reaction to this when :

If we make this just about gas prices, we are caught into a very dangerous framing. “Lowering” gas prices gets people thinking back to cheaper energy unit costs days. We need people, the nation thinking about enery as a system, as a “cost to own” rather than “cost to buy”. We (the nation) should foster upfront investment (help it) that will lower total “cost to own” by reducing wasteful use of polluting energy. While difficult in a robocall, every single message (I would argue) should avoid getting captured in messaging that fosters thinking that we can go back to days of cheaper gasoline. Over the long term (and likely short term), it isn’t going to happen.

The missing part of Pelosi’s response to the Republican lies is that taking oil from the SPR doesn’t solve our problems.  If we can “free our oil”, we must take the resources (the money) from that sold oil to undertake initiatives to lower our oil and other energy requirements.  Rather than “Free our oil.” (e.g., end “period”), how about “Free Our Oil and Solve Tomorrow’s Problems. Today!”

Turning to Al

Vice President Gore spoke to Global Warming and threats to Democracy and …  He thanked the blogger crowd in the audience for their efforts to fight to regain Democracy in America, to turn back America toward a path of robust discussion and interaction on real issues.  To fight and turn the tide on The Assault on Reason

Al Gore has long (LONG) spoken of the challenges and opportunities of Global Warming.  He has often provided and presented pathways toward a better future. He has now laid a very serious challenge before us, before the US, to create a path toward a sustainable, climate-friendly society through moving toward 100 percent renewable electricity for the American economy within a decade.  This is a serious, difficult challenge with many obstacles (technical, policy, regulatory) to achievement. The most serious challenge, however, is the mobilization of will. This is a difficult challenge, but one that can be tackled, but we must choose to do so. When it comes to Global Warming and our inefficient, wasteful polluting energy system, we need to listen to Bob the Builder:  “Can We Fix It? Yes, We CAN!!!

While this has been true for a long time, when it comes to our energy and global warming challenges, it is time to get serious and started on our way to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems.  Today!!!

Solve Tomorrow’s Problems. Today!!!

Peak Oil (polluting energy) and Global Warming are THE Progressive Crises. And, Al Gore has set out a path to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems. Today.

But, as Vice President Gore emphasized Thursday and pointed to in Austin earlier today, we face a plethora of problems.  Trade and Budget deficits. War in Iraq.  Too Many Children Left Behind.  Pollution.  And, … sadly, the list is long.

The time for Mañana has ended.

We must begin to clean house.

We face serious challenges.

WE can solve these problems, starting today, if we make the choice to do so.

As a first step, to stake a place among those ready to help solve the problems we face, recognize that Global Warming is a key challenge before us, before the US.  Al Gore has laid out a path to address seriously this challenge, a path that will help deal with Peak Oil.

Ask youself,

Are you ready to stand with Al to begin to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems. Today?

If so, then go join the WE campaign. NOW!!!


One response to “Solve tomorrow’s problems. Today.

  1. I’m ready! This is an ambitious, achievable goal. Al Gore is leading the way — now we have to do what we can to make sure Congress and others follow.

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