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Excuse me as I take a shower …

Let me luxuriate in the feeling of feeling played, of feeling used.  The sullied feeling is just such a joyous thing to have.

Many excoriated me (in multiple venues, private and public) for not being ‘political’ enough since I was not joyously celebrating the Energy Bill that passed from the House and was tarnishing my praise for the political courage and strength of action by pointing to the Energy Bill’s flaws.

And, well, perhaps sadly, I watched my language a little bit and ‘pimped’ support for this bill that might have been ‘strong’ in political terms but was simply inadequate in face of the very real challenges before this nation and the globe (Peak Oil, Global Warming, Etc …)

Hmmm …

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Reckless Endangerer Profile 1: Arlen Spector

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Will Renewable Energy survive political compromising?

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Mukasey is now Attorney General.  Forces are still in Iraq.  And … the Democratic Party base looks to the Hill and wonders: what is going on?  The leadership, it seems, wants to ensure that there is movement, somewhere, prior to the holidays. With $100 oil staring us in the face, a new Energy Bill seems to be a great opportunity to have a triumph to celebrate with Thanksgiving turkey.

What we must fear, however, is that last minute compromising to ensure ‘something’ could make a turkey out of the bill … or, at least, make it far less attractive than what might have been the case without a holiday on the schedule.

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