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Ratatouille and Department of Energy TV Spot

Disney Pixar is contributing to an Energy Smart feature. Check out the ad from DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office.


Deniers new Hot Topic: Predicting a Global Freeze

The obfuscation effort, the campaign to confuse the globe on Global Warming continues unabated despite Exxon’s well-publicized claims to cut off funding for their campaign.  A coming cold day for a warm globe, in that stalwart of rational journalism — The Washington Times, is another shot in the battle to confuse on facts to inhibit rational decision-making on how to deal with Global Warming challenges.
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Energy Bookshelf: Urban Future be told, anyone with their eyes open is overwhelmed by the wealth of interesting, insightful, and high quality material out there — in soft (blogosphere) and hard (books, etc) copy.  This drives us, all too often, into stovepiping our focus, gaining ever more knowledge about an ever narrower focus area.

Our challenges — as individuals, communities, nation — are, however, multifaceted, systems-of-systems issues that demand a more holistic look, with a willingness to explore linkages and to gain some insight as to (un)intended consequences.

Some institutions and organizations strive to provide the basis for taking that step, to provide a window on complex interactions and opportunities for confronting (and surmounting) the challenges we face.

Worldwatch Institute, in my experience, is one such institution. Their annual State of the World series tackles major issue areas, from multipe (and quite high-quality) perspectives to inform about challenges, options for dealing with them, and insights from real experience (“lessons identified”) about alternative paths.  And, this year’s effort is most definitely a valued addition to this series. 

From Lagos to Los Angeles; Malmo to Mumbai; Acra to Washington, DC; State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future examines the “fantastic array of challenges and possibilities” for sustainable urbanism across the globe for the coming century.

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Big Time Solar Around the Corner?

In wind, geothermal, tidal, biomass, hydrogen, and so on, amazing developments are emerging every day. Advocates of specific options make them seem like the Silver Bullet solution to all our problems even though some (corn ethanol, for example) create as many problems as they solve.  In any event, the real issue is that we should be acting as if there is no silver bullet (which I believe to be the case) and pursuing as many silver bullets as possible. 

For many, active Solar Power generation is their silver bullet even though solar electricity remains a miniscule part of the US electrical grid and non-competitive with baseload power systems.  But … but … but … there are things in the works that look to change the equation. Continue reading

Solar Electricity as Cheap as Coal Electricity

Photon Consulting has issued a report claiming that, by 2020,

by 2010, the cost of solar will be below the price of grid electricity for at least 50 percent of OECD residential demand, equivalent to around 1,500 GW of solar power. This is much larger than the 15 GW of cell/module production PHOTON Consulting anticipates for 2010

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Financial world tackling Climate Change?

To continue the stream of business news related to tackling Global Warming (Wal-Mart and Kohl’s solar; MSNBC Europe’s 50 low-carbon companies, News Corporation’s climate change strategy), a key player in the financial services world has made a commitment of $50 billion targeted toward tackling Climate Change.  Citi plans to build on $10 billion it has already  invested in climate change related investing.
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Low-Carb Gurus: low-carbon that is …

CNBC Europe has a list of Top 50 Low-Carbon Pioneers in Europe.

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