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41.4 tons to make a film?

Carbon offset schmes have, well, too often seemed just like that to me.   Having read up on them (too much, I must say), at the end of the day I remained confused, unconvinced, and concerned. There are honest ones out there, I promise, just not sure that I am ready to fully endorse any of them. 

In another of what seems to be many both serious examinations and journalistic looks that raise serious questions, the LA Times published Can you buy a greener conscience? 

In this, there is one thing that really surprised me.  An Inconvenient Truth — a worldchanging film — was carbon neutral. We all know that. Okay …

What surprised me in the article was the following

Co-producer Lesley Chilcott used an online calculator to estimate that shooting the film used 41.4 tons of carbon dioxide and paid a middleman, a company called Native Energy, $12 a ton, or $496.80, to broker a deal to cut greenhouse gases elsewhere. The film’s distributors later made a similar payment to neutralize carbon dioxide from the marketing of the movie.

41.4 tons?  82,800 pounds of carbon dioxide?  Is that really all?

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Democrats painting the House GREEN …

As reported here at Ecotality, in the beginning of March, Nancy Pelosi tasked the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the House on ‘greening the Capitol’ …

a critical initiative to address energy conservation, efficiency and cost savings for the U.S. Capitol and congressional office buildings

The House of Representatives should provide leadership to the nation in providing an environmentally responsible and healthy working environment for our employees.

Well, the Preliminary Report: Green the Capitol Initiative is out … and the initiative is real … the House will be providing leadership. Pelosi and the Democrats intend for the House to walk the walk when it comes to a new way forward for a sustainable and prosperous energy future.

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