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Vote Energy Smart, not Energy Dumb!

One of the greatest joys in the 2006 election, amid the triumph of capturing both the House and Senate, came with now Congressman Jerry McNerney‘s defeat of Richard Pombo in CA-11. Pombo was in real competition to be the worst member of Congress when it came to energy and environmental issues.  On the other hand, McNerney knows energy, clean energy

During his career in wind energy, McNerney’s work contributed to saving the equivalent of approximately 30 million barrels of oil, or 8.3 million tons of carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas – as well as other harmful pollutants.

In 2008, across the country, we have the opportunity for similarly stark shifts from Energy Dumb to Energy Smart elected officials.  

This diary is an appeal for help in identifying Energy Smart vs Energy Dumb opportunities across the country, for developing a strategy for bringing attention to these campaigns and these issues, and helping change the balance in Congress when it comes to energy-related legislative activity.

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Beyond Petroleum … to what?

British Petroleum has made much in recent years with advertising that “BP” stands for “Beyond Petroleum”.  The latest news from this fossil-fuel giant indicates that “Beyond Petroleum” is becoming a question:  “Beyond Petroleum to what?” 

Todd Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive Officer, has put the Corportion’s green businesses on the auction block.  The price tag he’d be willing to sell BP’s solar and wind energy businesses: reported $5-7 billion.  This isn’t a trifling amount but with the ravenous appetite in the investing community for “green” opportunities, it is far from a roadblock number (dependent, of course, on the real value of the assets). 

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While we were distracted …

Bait and switch … To an extent, many energy activists feel like they’ve been distracted with a shiny object (the “Energy Independence Security Act”) while dirty dealing has been going on behind our backs.

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Rudy’s “Carbon on the City”

Well, unless you are a Washington Post reader with its blackout of coverage of Rudy’s sex scandal, Sex on the City truly provides a revealing window on a top Republican Presidential contender.  Well, perhaps we should be wondering whether the new scandal that all (except, again, Washington Post readers) should be discussing might be called “Carbon on the City”.

As GreenMiles has connected, Guiliani’s firm has been paid by clients to fight Renewable Electricity Standards (RES) as part of the Energy Bill.  And, well, candidate Guiliani has come out against RES. Hmmm … coincidence or someone seeking to be Lobbyist-in-Chief?

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S-CHIPing Energy: Time for Action!

The Democratic Party controlled Congress is attacked for inaction. Inaction in the face of Republicans who are not interested in seeing movement forward. Inaction in the face of a President who seems intent on his belief that “negotiation” is a four-letter word.  As Nancy Pelosi put it,

Democrats want to work with the President, yet he continues to engage in the same tired rhetoric that does not serve the best interests of the American people.

Instead of working with Democrats, the President is trying to prevent progress. Democrats will continue to take our country in a New Direction.

Well, the Energy Bill that is working in Congress doesn’t look to be inaction.  Like S-CHIP, it is a meaningful measure that — while far from perfect — will lay the groundwork for progressive energy policy, if adopted and if signed into law. Like S-CHIP, it is a meaningful measure that — while far from perfect — will advance the situation in meaningful ways, if adopted and if signed into law. And, like S-CHIP, this sensible legislation almost certainly will face a Presidential veto.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it… Help Nancy Pelosi, Ed Markey, and others Whip the Congress into shape to pass this legislation.

Call and write your Congressional representatives (INCLUDING REPUBLICANS!), demanding that they support this legislation which will serve as a critical downpayment for dealing with our energy and global warming challenges.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it… Give Mr 26% the choice between sensible legislation become law or stamping it with a Scarlet V to help further cement his status as the WPE (Worst President, Ever).

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Where’s the fight for renewable power?

Words leaking from behind closed doors about the Energy Bill are, well, to anyone who cares about an Energy Smart future simply foul language. According to the New York Times,

Reaching agreement on that timetable is likely to require Congressional leaders to drop provisions like a mandate that electric
utilities nationwide generate 15 percent of their power from renewable sources, including wind, solar and hydroelectric power. Utilities lobbied intensively against that requirement.

A House-passed measure to repeal $16 billion in tax breaks for the oil industry is also expected to be scrapped, aides said. President Bush threatened to veto the entire package if the oil and gas tax bill were included.

The utilities have spoken. 

Mr. 26% has spoken.

And, Congress has capitulated.

Well, it is time for someone to say: BRING IT ON, Mr Unpopular!

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10 Steps to a Low-Carbon Economy?

The Center for American Progress just released its 10-step plan to a Low-Carbon Economy.  Based on an early look at the summary pages, great stuff and, well, ho-hum, and well, missing elements.  But, looking forward to seeing the full report.

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