Reid: “Coal makes us sick …”

Harry Reid spoke bluntly on energy issues.  Looking the Faux and Balanced cameras square on, he spoke truth:  

Coal makes us sick …

This is an important statement.  Reid is speaking truth to an audience that isn’t used to hearing it.

Speaking in association with a major solar event, the starting of the production line of Ausra’s solar thermal manufacturer center, Reid was challenged about the costs of solar, that according to misguided economic analysis, coal electricity is less expensive than the just rising concentrated solar thermal powergeneration.

We talk about cost competitiveness, but the one thing that we fail to talk about are those costs that you don’t see on the bottom line …

Sing it, Harry. Praise the truth.

In fact, Harry, as you’re aware, many of do speak of these costs.  But, you weren’t necessarily speaking with those who’ve been residing in reality.  

These “external” costs are serious and seriously mislabeled as “external”. To paraphrase Al Gore, this is the air that my, your, our children, and we are breathing and the water we are all drinking. That sounds pretty internal to me.  How about you?

Costs that you don’t see on the bottom line …

that is …

Coal makes us sick.

Let us make it easy:  Coal is Dirty!

  • 24,000 people a year die prematurely because of pollution from coal-fired power plants. And every year 38,000 heart attacks, 12,000 hospital admissions and an additional 550,000 asthma attacks result from power plant pollution.
  • Mercury contamination is so widespread that one out of every six pregnant women have mercury levels in their blood high enough for levels in the fetus to reach or surpass the EPA’s safety threshold for mercury. … Smokestack emissions from coal-fired power plants are the primary source of mercury pollution …

Do you get the point?  Do you really need to hear more?

Global Warming.

It’s ruining our country.

It’s ruining our world.

Harry is speaking truth.

Clear truth.  

And, do you hear pleaing in this strong statement, a plea for people to hear truth?

We’ve got to stop using fossil fuel.

We’ve, for generations, taken carbon out of the earth and put it in the atmosphere.

It’s making us all sick.  

It’s changing our world.

Harry is simply speak truth, truth to a difficult audience and an audience that wants to ridicule rather than listen.

Senate Republicans are sending around the video as part of an effort to make Democrats appear out of touch on the need to produce more energy and drill more oil wells.

That’s right, the one speaking truth is the one “out of touch” with reality.  The Republicans will continue their efforts to dig the hole deeper with the dishonest “Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay Less!” 20 years from now (a few cents less).  They will continue to fight, it seems clear, any and all efforts to turn the nation toward a better, more sensible path forward.

These are not Harry’s first strong words related to Global Warming.  

Nor are they likely to be the last.

But, these words (and my read of Harry’s passion) give me hope that fighting Harry Reid will be taking the fight to get serious action moving on smarter energy policy and a (much) better global warming bill than the failed Boxer-Lieberman-Warner in partnership with President Obama.  To develop policies that will fight global warming while strengthening the economy.

“The evidence for the consequences of global warming is appearing with alarming frequency. [The] headlines are filled with tales of deadly weather.” Amid Global Boiling, the heat is on.

And, Give ’em Hell Harry Reid is turning up the heat.

It is time to fan the flames in the nation to build the “political capital” for serious action to Energize America toward a prosperous, climate-friendly society.


8 responses to “Reid: “Coal makes us sick …”

  1. It is quite easy to reduce the emissions from the coal plants.
    Sure I would like clean energy just as much as the next person,but we must deal with reality at the same time.
    Wind and solar must be backed up with reliable power-either coal,gas or hydro.
    Most hydro is already being used.
    Gas is very expensive and is an emitter of green house gas. It is actually more dangerous than coal plants, with scrubbers. The particulate from the gas plants is much finer and is harder for the body to deal with. Gas plants also emit ground level ozone which is very hard on people with asthma and other breathing problems.

    So the question that needs to asked and answered is.

    What do we use to keep the economy running?

    Nuclear is clean and efficient, but it isn’t much good for variable load requirements.

    Wind and solar both require backup that can be called upon at a moments notice.
    We are back to coal or gas.
    Germany has more wind turbines than anyone else. They are in the process of building twenty plus coal plants, without scrubbers, so their emissions are about to rise dramatically.

    If you want an economy you will have to continue to use fossil fuels.

    Another classic example is France. They have 80% nuclear. In order for them to use wind and solar they must greatly increase the use of fossil fuels, because neither wind or solar are dependable sources of power.

    Coal can be made a whole lot safer than it is presently. Start by installing scrubbers.

    As far as global warming is concerned.

    Biggest scam since Enron and the Iraq war.

    Please take the time to read Global Green Agenda, found under Agenda 21 on my blog.
    I think it will answer questions you might have or questions you haven’t asked yet.

    As the late George Carlin said. The planet is fine, it’s the people that are f**ked.

    Enjoy ever day!

  2. AtomCat,

    Your post and your site is dedicated to misleading people.

    And, you are a poster child of something that I just wrote about a few days ago. Perhaps you should think about George Carlin’s real meaning …

  3. By the way, “easy” to clean up coal emissions. Then do it!

  4. That’s quite a remark.

    I’m in contact with the Govt. of Ontario on a fairly regular basis. I have asked them, and they view my site most days, to contact me if they have questions about my posts or find anything they think is misleading. To date they have not requested any changes.

    I had a long talk with the senior policy adviser for the ministry of energy for Ontario. He told me that putting the scrubbers on the coal plants would bring down the emission levels of the coal plants to within 1-2% of the to be built gas plants.

    I asked why are we building new gas plants to backup the wind farms when we already have the coal plants.
    Politics was his answer

    If you study the Enron scam and their involvement in wind energy you will see that the gas and wind are connected.

    Google – Enron, Al Gore, Maurice Strong and Bill Clinton. That should open your eyes, or not.

    Something you might want to read is the E8 papers, which deals with the internationalization of energy.

    It’s not about the environment, it’s about control.

    “By the way, “easy” to clean up coal emissions. Then do it!”

    If I was in govt. and had the power it would be done, starting in the morning.

    I’m not a poster child for anything or anybody. I have spent two years researching and talking to people who are involved in govt, energy and education.
    I’m not pro coal, gas , nuclear, wind or solar.
    We do however need cost effective, as clean as we can get energy.

    The question is how do we accomplish the task.

    The blame, for where we are today, can be laid at the doorstep of elected officials of every stripe and country.

    They have allowed themselves to be lobbied into making bad decisions for years.

    Please, take the time to read Global Green Agenda, and if you still believe global warming is not a con, please let me know how you came to your conclusion.

    We are all in this together

  5. Again, I am not really fascinated by spending my time with tin-foil hat wearers discussing black helicopter fears.

    RE the scrubbers, hmmm, how do they do at CO2 per kwh for coal vs NG? Anything close? How about being able to turn on/off the fossil fuel generation with intermittent wind power?

    I love that all the blame is on the shoulders of “elected officials”. Makes it so easy, no?

    Re your paper, how much time have you spent with actual scientists? How much data have you been around crunching? Concerned about acidification of the oceans? Etc ….

    Etc …

  6. This is from the E8-

    The Importance of Large Hydro, Clean Coal and Nuclear Technologies within a Future Framework on Climate Change

    Large efficient coal power plants – The relative low cost and abundance of coal will ensure that coal-fired electricity
    generation will continue as a significant source of electricity generation. Opportunities for improving the efficiency
    of coal-fired generation and reducing GHG emissions include implementation of supercritical and other clean coal
    technologies, and carbon capture and storage. With the development of appropriate baselines, the reductions in
    CO2 emissions associated with these new technologies can be verified and should be recognized by the Flexible

    Renewables are for the creation of carbon credits and cash

    You sound like Gore. To you the debate is over.
    Don’t debate, don’t try to find workable solutions.
    Just call people names.
    You have either allowed yourself to be conned, or you are part on the con.

    Sad in either case.

  7. Atomcat

    You are unwilling to acknowledge that you are the one trying to con people. And, I am being generous by allowing you to speak in my home and sully it with insults.

    I am not willing to “debate” those who come to the table without truth as part of their discussion space.

    In any event, want to talk about “find workable solutions”, you clearly haven’t looked at much of anything that I’ve written.

    Why not, for example, read some energy cool material or some basic business analysis on taxis ( or even the E2 solution path (

    You sound like a knock-of of James Inhofe, with Global Warming is a scam.

    Want to talk about “sad”? The problem is that you are not sad, but that you are enabling the disaster, spreading dishonest material wrapped in an effort to make it sound truthful, when it is truthiness.

  8. My last attempt.

    The E8 is the UN agenda on energy.

    They say coal is a big part of future energy.

    They, not I, are saying it.

    So, if anyone is enabling, it is the UN.

    Go call the UN names if you disagree.

    Bio-fuels, instigated by the UN, not me.
    They knew the consequences of burning food.

    They also knew it was not carbon neutral.

    Global warming is nothing more than a facilitator for the UN Agenda.

    It’s not about saving the environment.

    I truly wish it was.

    If you get the opportunity, pick up a copy of Cloak of Green.

    Mussolini had his blackshirts

    Hitler had his brownshirts

    The UN has it’s greenshirts.

    History repeats.

    The last thing anyone needs to worry about is global warming.
    If it were real, there isn’t a damn thing you, I or anyone else could do about it.

    We are too insignificant to make any difference one way or the other.

    How much CO2 does one volcanic eruption or earthquake toss into the air.

    Do you have a plan for that?

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