Exxon headed to the Dugout?

Until late last week, Exxon-Mobil was the sponsor of the seventh-inning stretch at the Washington Nationals’ stadium. The incongruity of a company that has poured $10s of millions into trying to undermine understanding of global warming having a prominent role in the greenest stadium in professional baseball sparked a movement to “Strike Out Exxon at Nationals Park!

Friday, the first day of protests, the announcer announced Exxon-Mobil’s sponsorship of the Seventh-Inning Stretch but Exxon-Mobil’s name didn’t appear on the main scoreboard (even as Exxon-Mobil advertising did show up on banner ads around the stadium).  At Sunday’s game, the billboard simply said “Seventh Inning Stretch” and there wasn’t a syllable from the announcer about any form of Exxon-Mobil sponsorship.  One has to wonder, is there an impact from public embarassment?  Is Exxon-Mobil being sent to the dugout step-by-step?

Clearly, it is too early to know for sure. Next Sunday’s game has Exxon-Mobil sponsoring a giveaway of 10,000 ballcaps.  As of yesterday, there still are banner ads for “Exxon-Mobil: Tackling the World’s Greatest Energy Challenges“.  (How about, more accurately: Exxon-Mobil:  Fighting to Prevent Action to Solve the World’s Greatest Energy and Environmental Challenges?) There still are the “Energy-Efficient Partnership” banner advertisements and other ads where the Alliance to Save Energy is providing Exxon-Mobil some greenwashing coverage.  Wonder whether this will last?


Take Exxon out of the ball game
Take them out of the park
Tired of Four-Dollar Gas-O-Line
Global Warming is Making Us Scream

Let’s root, root, root for the Nationals,
And strike Exxon out of the game
For it 3-2-1 Polar Bears
And we know who to Blame!


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