The Shocking Analysis of Lie-berman-Warner

Next week, Senator Harry Reid is going to bring the Lieberman-Warner Coal-Subsidy Act to the Senate floor for debate and votes.  Even after modification by Senator Boxer, Lieberman-Warner remains grossly inadequate in face of the challenges we face.  Even so, the National Association of Manufacturers, the US Chamber of Commerce, and global warming deniers are attacking it as too high cost.  Let us be clear, absolutely clear, these are dishonest claims, claims that insult the term truthiness.  To be clear, dealing with global warming is not just an absolute necessity, but a necessity that will leave us far ahead economically (and otherwise) than simply allowing the problem to worsen.

Environmental Defense Fund has put together Get America Working to providea a shocking path to force an industry lobbyist to tell some truth when it comes to Global Warming issues. 

Get America Warming has seven different issues areas:

  • Global Warming
  • Renewable Energy
  • Cap & Trade on Carbon Emissions
  • Jobs
  • Timetable to Address Global Warming
  • Why do anything if China won’t too?
  • Economic Analysis

For each, you have the chance to hear the lobbyist explaining how this is “reckless regulation” that might “paralyze productivity” in a way that is “dumb, dumb, dumb”.  Then, OW!!! You get the chance to “get the truth” in a shocking revelation about how dealing with Global Warming is necessary and likely would strengthen the economy.

Now, EDF is a strong supporter of Lieberman-Warner and perhaps the most passionate environmental organization supporting a Cap-and-Trade approach.  While it is clear that Lieberman-Warner falls short on core basic principles for Global Warming legislation, the differences between EDF and sensible Global Warming policy is one of degrees (substantive, but discernible and even debatable).  The difference between NAM/the USCOC/Global Warming deniers and sensible Global Warming legislation is that between day and night, between fact and (recklessly endangering) fiction.   Have some fun yourself and learn the shocking truth about those day and night differences.



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