Orcas flock to hear McCain’s Global Warming speech

John McCain’s Global Warming speech last Monday had some unusual attendees in the audience.  This video captures the swarming attendees, attracted to the event by the news that McCain was going to give real attention to and provide some leadership when it came to Global Warming.

Well, that video?  If you haven’t take a look at it yet, highly recommended. 

Jon Stewart’s take on this speech is among the best look and takedown of Halfway McCain’s disdain for committing to doing what is necessary.

Stewart takes on McCain’s declaration that ” I will not permit eight long years to pass without serious action on serious challenges.”  The image to go with it, the hug image here.  And, Stewart’s comment:

“Mr President. The cuddles stop here.”


McCain suggests that we look to Arctic life for lessons about how to act and think.

In the frozen wilds of Alaska, the Arctic, Antarctic, and elsewhere, wildlife biologists have noted sudden changes in animal migration patterns, a loss of their habitat, a rise in sea levels. And you would think that if the polar bears, walruses, and sea birds have the good sense to respond to new conditions and new dangers, then humanity can respond as well.


Stewart’s response:

You do know that polar bears, walruses, and sea birds respond to Global Warming by going extinct?

This is a video to watch.

Some things seem beyond satire.

And, then someone like Jon Stewart shows that that assumption was wrong.


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