Blogging for a better world …

The world we inhabit is a beautiful place.  And, there are tremendous things that are improving with, virtually every minute such as, well, our ability to communicate via tubes.  

Yet …

We live in a troubled world.  From wars, to disease, to economic inequalities, to … There are many areas where, if we act right, tomorrow could be better than today.

Yet, humanity’s very future, the ability to make that choice is at risk, our very own actions and pursuit of economic strength are imperiling the ability to make those choices.

Global Warming … Peak Oil … These fundamental issues intertwine to threaten the opportunity to pursue and achieve a progressive vision for tomorrow.  Facing these must, MUST be core to progressive politics or, well, every other progressive cause is doomed to failure. 

THE Progressive Crises: Global Warming and Peak Oil


Of or pertaining to the Progressive party.

Moving forward; proceeding onward; advancing; evincing progress; increasing; as, progressive motion or course; — opposed to retrograde.

Improving; as, art is in a progressive state.

Every Progressive should recognize and incorporate, deep in their soul, the plain fact:  Peak and Global Warming are the most serious threats to Progressive ideals, concepts, policies, and aspirations through the 21st century … AND today.

These are not just let’s wait until tomorrow issues, that should be put in the back of the line to deal with after other issues, we must address them with urgency today if we hope for a progressive world tomorrow. Energize America bumpersticker

Without better energy policies starting now, the future could be bleak economically for decades to come with the impending strike of Peak Oil.  Amid recessions and depressions, what happens to mental health programs?  What happens to music in the classrooms? Training programs for economically disadvantaged among us? Will there be funding for these and other progressive causes? I doubt it.  Don’t you?

With ever-increasing environmental stresses, global refugee and food crises, multiple-Katrina-like challenges and choices over whether to protect or abandon America’s coastal infrastructure, will Head Start funding be secure?  Will Americans focus on expanding GLBT rights? Will there these and other progressive concerns be the top of the agenda? I doubt it. Don’t you?

Not just Progressive Politics …

One of the real powers, the real opportunities created by the extremely serious intertwined challanges of Global Warming and Peak Oil (and the need to move to a new energy future) is that allies are out there, allies can be created.  

Those concerned about America’s economic strength who think “environment” is an evil word, can be convinced to move toward greater energy efficiency and away from imported oil.

Security “Hawks” despise America’s reliance on imported oil (especially Middle Eastern Oil).

Labor Unions can see a rosy future in energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy programs.

Highly religious people, reading scripture about stewardship, can embrace a vision of a healhier planet — healthier for humanity and the rest of God’s creatures.

Health Care advocates would celebrate eliminated fossil fuel pollution from America’s (and the Globe’s) air and water and food supplies.

And, well, the list can go on … and on … and on …

Perhaps the greatest strength available to those concerned about Global Warming is that, fundamentally, every single person, living or unborn, is affected by Global Warming, even if they don’t realize it (yet).  Every single person is a potential advocate and activist to change course for the better.

But, too many of these, too many of all of us place Global Warming and new energy policies somehow at the bottom of the spectrum, somehow a secondary (or tertiary or lower) item somehow remote and somehow the responsibility of others.

But we have the opportunity to change this.  

We can change ourselves, our own actions.

And, we can work to convince others in our personal and professional lives to change paths.

And, we can work to mobilize larger actions, to educate and motivate individual, group, societal change.

We can Blog for a Better World.

The Sun will Come out Tomorrow

The world will continue, Gaia will survive, even if fevered.

But the imperative to drive us all is the need to change paths on energy issues and humanity’s impact on Global Warming.  We have the opportunity to create a better tomorrow in front of us, every day.

My objective, one that should be yours, is to see that the sun comes out tomorrow on a planet headed on a path toward a Prosperous, Climate Friendly Society.

A society where energy efficiency and clean energy are givens.  One where wastage and damage to our common heritage (the air, the seas) is considered anti-social activity.  A society which does not strive to, but actually is on a path to leave for future citizens a stronger, healthier, rejuvenating ecosystem.

A society where the political debates and discussions can move from fighting people denying reality staring us in the face, to real discussion of how to make progress.

We can affect things for the better, create conditions for progressive policies and concepts to have fertile conditions for flourishing.

Or, not …

That is our choice.

Ask yourself:  Are you doing
your part to


Are you ready
  to do your part?



  • This is my post for Blog Action Day … Blog Action Day, thousands of bloggers blogging for a better planet.

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