Energy Smart vs … well, vs simply Dumb

Wednesday was a moment of dueling advertisements in the Senate contest in Colorado, with both the Democratic and Republican candidates putting out new advertisements.

Mark Udall released Stand, calling on us (US) to end our oil addiction and energy solutions. “We’ve got to get this right.” Some real Energy Smart material in this ad and in Mark Udall’s record.

Bob Schaffer released an ad that you might like to see but can’t because his campaign pulled the ad in embarassment. Schaffer, running for Senate in Colorado, evidently doesn’t think much of Colorado’s mountains: the advertisement featured Mt McKinley from Alaska. (Note, ScholarsAndRogues has a screen shot of the ad with a post worthy of the Onion.) Forget Energy, just Dumb.

Before turning to Energy Smart, let’s spend a few minutes amused by Dumb.

From Alaska’s Mark Begich.

While Alaskans can understand why Bob Schaffer would promote our beautiful mountain, I hope he doesn’t expect Alaska to cede North America’s highest peak to the State of Colorado.

Recognizing that Schaffer’s top campaign advisor is none other than George Allen’s key man, the DSCC sent out After Schaffer’s “Mt Macacca” Moment with a quiz for Colorado voters.

In a TV commercial where you talk about proposing to your wife on Pikes Peak, what mountain should you show in the background?
Pikes Peak in Colorado
Mt. McKinley in Alaska
Correct Answer: a. But Schaffer’s commercial features shots of the famous Alaskan mountain. Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich’s spokeswoman commented: “While Alaskans can understand why Bob Schaffer would promote our beautiful mountain, I hope he doesn’t expect Alaska to cede North America’s highest peak to the State of Colorado.”

Where is your favorite place to go for outdoor sports?
Skiing at Mary Jane
Hiking in the Great Sand Dunes
Climbing in Eldorado Canyon
Fly Fishing in the Fryingpan River
Parasailing in the Mariana Islands while on a “fact-finding” trip – paid for by a Jack Abramoff front group, of course.
Correct Answer: Coloradans would probably accept a, b, c or d. But Schaffer seems to prefer the last option, as the Denver Post reported in several front page stories.

If you’re a Congressman elected to represent Colorado’s 4th district, what part of the world should you accomplish the most for?
The Eastern Plains of Colorado
Correct Answer: a. But Schaffer once bragged to the Denver Post that, “I’ve accomplished more in that country [Ukraine] with less effort than I have in my own district.” [Denver Post, 12/15/02]

Yup, the type of dumb mistake reminiscent of Joe Lieberman’s 2006 campaign.

Sometimes you just get to laugh.

But, more to the tune of the discussion here, let’s move from Dumb to some Energy Smarts.


Yes, we must.

Standing on your own. That’s just the Colorado way.

And it’s what America’s got to do with our energy

Which is why I’ve led Republicans and Democrats to
end our addiction to foreign oil…

Develop renewable fuels…

And provide tax incentives to grow Colorado’s new
energy economy.

We need energy solutions, green jobs, and a cleaner
future for Colorado.

I’m Mark Udall, and I approved this message, because we’ve gotta get this right.

Yes, Mark Udall is right. The stakes are high and we’ve been getting it wrong for too long. Now, while “energy independence” is per an overblown slogan, embedded within it is a reality of achievement and vision for Mark Udall.

For example,

  • Udall was a critical leader in the passage of Colorado’s
    Renewable Electricity Standard, one of the first such standards in the
    country. The RES is helping drive Colorado to a leadership position in renewable electricity. Good for the economy and good for the environment.
  • He is co-Chair of the House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficency Caucus. A caucus that had, as of Oct 2007, 219 members … a majority of Congress. And, a number that is going to grow come next January.
  • Now this was Udall’s first ad. Why this one?

    “Energy independence has been one of the central issues of my work for Colorado since 1997, because it’s one of the most important things we can get done for families in this state and for the future of our country,” said Congressman Udall. “That’s why I chose this ad to introduce our campaign to Colorado voters. We’ve simply got to get this right.”

    Energy Smart Udall to help the nation “get this right”.

    PS:  Support other Energy Smart candidates.


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