Gas prices drive four-legged alternatives …

In the face of rising oil prices, people are searching for alternatives around the globe. Most of the news go to tomorrow’s technologies (like the Chevy Volt or PHESBs), but there is something of a back to the future aspect in some cases. As the Financial Times reports, camel sales are booming in Rajasthan, India.

Camel prices are skyrocketing almost as much as oil costs. 

A sturdy male with a life expectancy of 60-80 years now fetches up to Rs40,000 ($973), compared to Rs5,000-Rs10,000 three years ago.

That is pretty serious cost growth. Oil is only up about 150 percent, camels 300 percent or more.

Entry-level tractors cost around $4,000.

Without mentioning the cost of oil.  Here is a reverse case of fuel and food competing quite directly competing: is it cheaper to feed the camel or the tractor? 

And, unlike the tractor’s, the camel’s waste stream has a use (fertilizer).




One response to “Gas prices drive four-legged alternatives …

  1. With oil prices hitting $120 and my current card getting 25 mpg on a good day, the Volt is looking really good!

    Saw some good details over at

    Pretty cool car!

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