Clinton’s FOE

Until quite recently, those who focused primarily on energy and global warming issues could see reasons to be supporting Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama. In this arena, both have plans and records with strengths … and weaknesses. Both could learn from each other and strengthen their own programs. Thus, with real legitimacy, an “environmentalist”, those concerned about Peak Oil or Global Warming or related issues, could easily defend their position supporting either (or neither) of the candidates. And, again, their platforms/records are certainly light years ahead of this Administration’s and of McSame McCain’s, but have weaknesses and are ‘reasonably good’ but not the best that they could be. Thus, many of us were ‘sitting on the sidelines’ when it came to the Presidential campaign.

Well, this has changed.

The precipitating event: Hillary Clinton’s determined foray into the Energy Dumb ranks with her vociferous and highly counter-productive calls for a gas tax moratorium.

Well, this morning, Friends of the Earth jumped off the fence and endorsed Barack Obama for President.

And, for FOE, the defining event, the precipating development: the gas tax holiday:

“We endorse Senator Obama because we believe he is the best candidate for the environment,” said Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder. “The ‘gas tax holiday’ debate is a defining moment in the presidential race. The two other candidates responded with sham solutions that won’t ease pain at the pump, but Senator Obama refused to play that typical Washington game. Instead, Obama called for real solutions that would make transportation more affordable and curb global warming. He showed the courage and candor we expect from a president.”

Of course, it was not just the gas tax holiday proposals from Clinton and McSame McCain, but Barack Obama’s forceful rejection of the idea as wrong-headed and counter-productive. -1 Hillary, +1 Barack. As far as FOE is concerned: Game, Set, Match for its endorsement.

Experts agree that gas prices are likely to decline only slightly under a Clinton-McCain “gas tax holiday”—if they decline all. Instead of signing onto this gimmick, Obama has called for long-term solutions that would limit oil consumption by requiring cars to be more fuel efficient and expanding transportation options including passenger rail.

Again, let us not do things that dig our hole deeper, “sham solutions,” but look forward to actually changing our path for the better.


2 responses to “Clinton’s FOE

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  2. Part of me feels it’s about time for the environmental movement to take sides and get involved in what is possibly the single most important election in the history of our planet given the climate crisis ahead… And yet, I understand the fine line that they may feel they need to walk in America. If Hillary were to somehow win, she might cast a less than friendly eye upon the opinions of groups that were solidly against her, which may lose them their place at the policy negotiating table later on. Without a broad citizen-base to these movements that can actively carry the media focus with the kinds of protests the UK groups have so effectively used, American groups have to be much more careful about their interactions with government.

    I understand their need for care, but I also think that this is no time to hesitate or refrain from action and that environmental groups are perhaps the most aware of the intense “urgency of now” as Barack Obama would say. The time is now for these groups to put some weight behind Obama, to interact and to start working up a concrete post-Bush strategy for bringing about real change in the next 2-3 years. If Obama makes it into the White House, we’ll need him to hit the ground running which powerful environmental groups can help him to do if he has concrete well-vetted policies that the community has agreed upon before they hit the Washington scene. And if Obama doesn’t make it, and we have a President McCain, there is little hope but that we’ll see the tipping points tipped and the disaster realized. There isn’t really a choice anymore, there is just a need for resolute action.

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