Gouvernator speaks some truth on Global Warming

Amid continuing fervent denials in the Republican Party, such as Senator James Inhofe (R-Exxon), prominent Republicans speaking forcefully on Global Warming can be a refreshing change. This is why, for example, John McCain gets praised, even though his ‘solutions’ would likely doom humanity to catastrophic climate change. Recognizing reality is so rare. Even rarer, truth on Fox.

Kilmeade: But here’s the thing, Governor: A lot of people, a lot of Republicans in particular don’t believe there is Global Warming, there is Climate Change. They don’t believe the green technology and we talk to a lot of them on an every day basis. You’re a Republican, what do you know that they don’t?

Schwarzenegger: Well, I think they know the reality. I think they’re just trying to protect business. And in the end, they’re hurting business. Because we’ve proven in California that you can do both, that you can protect the environment and protect business. Even though in 2003, when I ran and I said that, people didn’t believe it but then we started building the ‘Hydrogen Highway’ and passed the Green Building Initiative and the Million Solar Roof Initiative and the Ocean Action Plan and AB32 to make a commitment to roll back our greenhouse gas emissions and the low carbon fuel standards, all of those things that got world recognition, I think people realize now, ‘wait, this does not hurt our economy, this is actually a big plus’ because we’re creating jobs through green, clean technology.

Wow …

Think about this.

A Republican Governor bluntly stated that he believes that Republicans denying Global Warming are being dishonest, that they are acting out of their misperceptions about what would “protect business”. Taking these comments on their face, Schwarzenegger is stating that they are willing to risk the very future of humanity (which, by the way, includes America and Americans) to protect ‘business interests’. Take my breath away …

Now, think about Brian Kilmeade’s question for a moment.

A lot of people, a lot of Republicans in particular don’t believe there is Global Warming, there is Climate Change.

Have to tell you, there are “a lot of people” who believe that the Apollo missions were faked or that the Bush Administration conspired to make 9/11 occur. “A lot of people” believin, Brian, doesn’t make fantasy true. But, “Republicans in particular” not believing in Global Warming points to why the discussion is over whether we should have reality-based policy making.

They don’t believe the green technology

Okay, Brian, “don’t believe”? Don’t believe that more insulation cuts energy use and saves money? Don’t believe wind turbines generate electricity? Don’t believe what?

we talk to a lot of them on an every day basis.

Confirmation? Fox goes out of their way to seek out those who deny reality?


2 responses to “Gouvernator speaks some truth on Global Warming

  1. Global warming could lead to higher rates of skin cancer by amplifying the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, scientists said.

    New evidence suggests that the same amount of sunshine becomes more likely to trigger cancer as temperature rises.

  2. The Hydrogen Education Foundation believes that investing in all alternative energy technologies will protect our energy future, which impacts business interests. The leadership that Governor Schwarzenegger has taken to develop the first hydrogen highway, along with other alternative initiatives, shows true leadership, which all business and government leaders should be inspired by.

    Everything we do, regardless of whether it’s at home or at work, requires energy. With today’s economic environment, every business is concerned about their “bottom line,” but they fail to recognize that energy use goes beyond oil. According the Department of Energy, about 85% of electricity is produced using fossil fuels – oil, natural gas and coal. We, as a country, need to look beyond the immediate economic impact and consider how avoiding to secure our energy future will have greater economic implications – doing us more harm than is currently recognized.

    Just as financial advisors recommend that people should diversify a financial portfolio, as a society, we should explore and develop a range of energy alternatives including wind, solar, hydro, and other alternatives – all can be used to support hydrogen production. As we consider energy alternative, incorporating hydrogen within the world’s energy portfolio will simultaneously reduce dependence on oil, while improving the country’s carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, and spark worldwide economic development.

    According to a recent study by Clean Edge hydrogen and fuel cells are expected to become a $15.6 Billion dollar industry within the next decade: http://media.cleantech.com/834/underdog-fuel-cells-to-outperform-says. Those technologies will be running on a clean fuel that is produced domestically – that means cleaner air, a growing economy and a lot more jobs.

    To learn more about the benefits of hydrogen, we invite everyone to please visit http://www.h2andyou.org.

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