A Bush in a Frosty Hell?

Tomorrow, according to the AP, George Bush is going to give a speech in the Rose Garden “on climate change to lay out the way he thinks the U.S. can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

White House press secretary Dana Perino says that Bush will not outline a specific proposal, but instead will spell out a strategy for long-term goals for curbing emissions.

Now, to be snotty, one could write something like “Maybe that strategy will be a little better than what he prepared for Iraq in March 2003 …” But that would be snotty and too generous to George the W. What he (and his cohorts) have been doing to the climate, to the globe is as (if not more) disastrous than the course of operations in Iraq.

Bush wants every major economy, including China and India, to establish a national goal for cutting the emissions believed responsible for global warming.

Yup. Let’s establish national goals and brag about them. Oh, by the way, nothing mandatory about them. Of course, the measurement techniques will likely be even worse than NCLB’s and the success of Bush’s ‘voluntary’ targets will probably be about as good as those from the Abstinence Only campaigns in terms of preventing sexually transmitting diseases.

In his remarks, he also will talk about legislative proposals on Capitol Hill that the administration has expressed opposition to, as well as regulatory issues.

Yes, this will another ‘my way or the highway’ type lecture, to bad mouth even the utterly inadequate Lieberman-Warner bill.

Do I seem cynical and angry? Well, that would be an understatement by multiple orders of magnitude. When are we going to advance to this stage that this man’s rantings are given the attention that they deserve: none? January 2009 can’t come soon enough for me, the United States, the planet.

NOTE: In addition to my postings on Bush’s climate follies, see this excellent Treehugger discussion, Wonkroom, and Climate Progress.


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