Lawsuits can’t wait until 2009 …

When it comes to law, my favorite website is without doubt Warming Law, which provides a high quality and thoughtful look at climate issues from a legal and judicial standpoint. One recent post deal with the question of ‘why bother’ with lawsuits and not simply wait until Bush W heads off into the sunset.

The reality is that the Bush Administration has been blatantly acting against court decision after court decision in their abusive and reckless misapplication of statute on environmental issues. And, Warming Law gets t othis point:

In a system governed by laws and precedents, such blatant defiance simply cannot be allowed to stand.

Defying Supreme Court authority? Being rejected time and time again on environmental issues by the courts? At some point there needs to be a legal reckoning and a judgment for history … even if the Bush Administration will successfully run out the clock for actual action.


One response to “Lawsuits can’t wait until 2009 …

  1. I am also a rabid fan of Warming law. They have been cross-posting more and more over at Hill Heat, which is another awesome blog for federal lawmaking.

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