Truthiness over Truth: McCain Surrogate Speaks Up On Climate Change

Anyone with an open mind realizes that the “Straight Talk Express” has little relationship with action for McFlip, McFlop, McSame McCain as the man (the politician) truly seems to excel at telling people to “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Sadly, this is the case when it comes to Global Warming, where McCain’s Green Straight Talk Express is truly a Dirty Energy Twisted Delay Action MachineReality aside, McCain surrogates are seeking to create an image of John McCain as a real green machine. 

About McSame McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) emphasizes that the McSame, that “he’s not going to run away from President Bush.” That is probably true and truthful on many issues. McCain will probably pretty much McSame as the ever so-successful Bush-Cheney Administration.  Graham, goes further, however, in claim that McCain has done more on Global Warming than former Vice President Al Gore.

Graham argues that

John McCain has earned a reputation, and has the scars to show it, of doing things that put the country ahead of party,” Graham said, noting McCain has differed with the party on immigration, his desire to close Guantanamo Bay, and enacting robust climate change policies.

This, however, is truthiness rather than truth.  On issue after issue, John McCain has talked strong talk but his action has matched his words.  As some might say, ‘McCain talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk’ on issue after issue, such as torture and green energy technology.

Lindsey continues

“Climate change is the road less traveled but he’s traveled it even more than Al Gore,” Graham said. “Al Gore has talked about it and deserves great recognition but he was around here a long time and never introduced a bill.”

On its face, Graham’s claim is laughable.”  Even though Graham might be using words that are true, they are neither truth nor truthful.  These are words meant to deceive and to confuse. 

  1. Al Gore left legislative office in 1992, moving into the White House. In his legislative career, he showed concern about Global Warming / Climate Change literally decades ago:  having held hearings in the 1970s.
  2. In running for office in 1988, Gore spoke seriously of Global Warming.  This has been an issue that Gore has discussed and focused on for, literally decades.  
  3.  Gore negotiated the Kyoto Protocol while McCain voted to ensure that the United States would not sign it.

McCain deserves credit.  Unlike too many members of the Republican Party, he has a least a toe-hold on reality in recognizing that Global Warming is reality. Sadly, however, his Straight Talk Express acknowledgment of reality has not lead to meaningful action to deal with it, no matter what Lindsey Graham would try to make you believe. 

Scientists are calling for a minimum of 80 percent reduction in US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.  The bill that Graham brags of might (MIGHT) achieve 30 percent reductions, leaving America and Americans vulnerable to ravages of catastrophic climate change.   While his rhetorhic seems to suggests otherwise, McSame McCain would do little to fundamentally change the disastrous path George Bush has followed when it comes to Global Warming.  But, this reality is another reality where the Republican Party would like to keep Americans ignorant.

As per McFlip, McFlop, McSame McCain,

A key element of the Republican “win” strategy will be to figure out how not to anger those in the Republican base that favor ideology over reality (like those living in the Black Hole of Denial on Global Warming) while seeking to confuse those who live in the reality-based world that McFlip/McFlop/McSame is somehow reasonable on a wide range of issues, not least of which is Global Warming and energy issues.

Lindsey Graham’s blatantly untruthful truthiness re McCain versus Gore on Global Warming issues is simply proof of the pudding. It is also a sign of just how weak the Republican Party sees itself when it comes to energy, environmental, and Global Warming issues.  Show Courage, not fear, Democratic Party:  this an arena to win the election.  The United States electorate will embrace Energy Smart candidates when the choice is put starkly before them, when the issues are explained, and this comes with the courage of conviction.  Americans seek to elect leaders and this an arena where leadership is desperately required.  McCain would lead us (US) to disaster and we cannot let his surrogates truthiness gloss over truth.

Hat tip to Think Progress.


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