Drudge takes “truth” out of truthiness

Take a look at the Drudge Report’s header:

These three link to fundamentally dishonest pieces, as The Wonk Room so clearly lays out.

  1. “Global Temps have not risen since 1998”.  Okay, this is going to be raised time and again until the 1998 temperatures are blown through, even though it is so blatantly truthiness rather than truth.  1998 was an exceptionally warm year, which enables people who want to mislead to use a 10-year record to make it look like temperature has stabilized. Instead, as I am able to show in Climate Project presentations to 5th graders, nine of the ten hottest years over the past 150+ have occurred in their lifetimes.
  2. “Lack of natural disasters …” highlights that people are trying to get lower insurance premiums in face of lower financial losses from disasters in 2006 and 2007.  Well, 2005 was bad, including financially, with Katrina as poster child.  But, insurance premiums are derived from many things, not least which is perceived future risk. In the face of Global Warming’s risks, insurers are trying to quantify that risk … and they see nothing other than increased risk in years ahead.
  3. This story is far more about distrust of the World Bank, which has far from a good record when it comes to Global Warming, as opposed to issues of global warming.

Drudge:  pandering truthiness over truth and certainly not concerned with being truthful.


2 responses to “Drudge takes “truth” out of truthiness

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