Greening March Madness …

Some of the most interesting activities related to Greening America are happening on campuses (including high schools).  More than 500 university presidents have signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment pledging serious action on their campuses to develop a greenhouse gas reduction plan for their campus, to take action (such as commiting to LEED construction on campus and Energy Star appliance purcahses) even while planning, begin executing the comprehensive plan within two years, and be transparent in processes throughout this plan.  In this process, they have allies and watchdogs in their students, like the thousands involved in the Youth Climate Movement.  And, those 500 schools are represented in March Madness where we will find out if the Greenest schools are the hottest basketball schools.  Some 24 of the 64 schools are “green”.  The East Region actually has a majority (9 of 16) that are “Green”.  

When you look at the Green Teams, you find that Green Teams look to be Dream Teams as Green Teams:

  • Won four of the past five tournaments and 10 of the last 15.
  • Made up 50% of the Final Four over the last 10 years.

One response to “Greening March Madness …

  1. Great post! Go Ducks (and Vikings)! Oregon represent (on the courts and in the green).

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