Meet Paddy, Max and Maxine

Yes, you too can have your two-year cuddling at home with colorful bean bag elephants. At just $35 each  or $90 for three, you can have your gray, green, and pink elephants.

The send-up opportunities are just too enormouse hear.

The Pink Elephant?  Is a sign that the Republican National Committee is embracing the Log Cabin Republicans?  Or, is this simply sexual stereotyping, as this is “Maxine”.

The Green Elephant suddenly a Republican embracing of the importance for green power for a stronger American economy and for securing the nation’s future. Well, as this is “Paddy”, pretty sure that this means the Republican Party is declaring where it stands on the Catholic-Prostetant divide in Northern Ireland.   Or, does the RNC mean to have it both ways?

Meet Paddy, the newest member of the Republican National Committee’s family of elephants.

Paddy is available for a imited-time onlyand is sure to be snapped up quickly.  Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, Paddy is a wonderful plush toy and makes a perfect gift for St. Patrick’s Day.  Or give Paddy to the “Green” Republican in your life who is dedicated to improving the environment.

The “Green” Republican as target audience. “Dedicated to improving the environment” and Republican haven’t been much of a match since the days of men like Mac Mathias. Thus, there is a good reason for making this a limited edition version as, with each passing day, Green Republicans are becoming an ever-more endangered species. 


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