GM’s Lutz: Global Warming “total crock of S–t!”

Should anyone wonder why General Motors is in such trouble?

When a senior leader (Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman) states that Global Warming is a “total crock of S–t,” might GM shareholders wonder what his core intellectual capacity is?

  1. Really, should a Corporate leader be spouting off on the record like that?
  2. If he is so fundamentally ignorant about a scientific issue (and willing to spout off on it!), what does that say about his basic competence to judge any issue before him?

Seriously.  Doesn’t it make you wonder?

And then Lutz added into the mix:

“I’m a skeptic, not a denier. Having said that, my opinion doesn’t matter.”

Well, his “opinion” matters to the GM employees and shareholders, no? To the overall US economy?

Now, to be clear, how “on the record” was this?  It was at a private lunch with:  reporters! 

Now, much of Lutz’ talk was about the Chevy Volt.  Re the plug-in, hybrid electric Volt (PHEV — with vehicle as last word, normally), Lutz said “I’m motivated more by the desire to replace imported oil than by the CO2 (argument).”  Guess what, I’m find with that, although I wonder whether shareholders would be.  How about pursuing the Volt because he believes it will propel GM to the top of the world’s automotive scene and lead GM technology to displace inefficient internal combustion engines, SOON!  That the Volt could make GM and GM shareholders a lot of money, while creating many good US jobs, and helping solve serious national and global challenges.

To be clear, I am a “Volt” enthusiast!  From the very first days (minutes) of the Volt, I’ve been ecstatic about it and put my name on petitions and otherwise about the Volt.  This serial-hybrid (rather than parallel hybrid) approach is important to pursue. I believe that serious pursuit of PHEVs (and PHEBs and PHEXs) is an important step toward rapidly reducing US dependency on important oil, to “ending our oil addiction”, to Energize America toward a better future. As I wrote on its announcement,

Chevy is tantalizing those of us who wish for a better energy future dominated by American technology, American workers, and a stronger American economy.  The Chevy VOLT concept for a stylish, plug-in hybrid, would transform the automobile market while leaping the nation forward in our ability to reduce our dependence on (imported) oil. 

Now, sadly, Lutz’ opening his big trap has taken a little sheen off that Volt enthusiasm.  Do I really want a Global Warming denier sitting up top of my dream machine

Now, how about this, Bob Lutz?  Stop being such a putz!  Why don’t you actually learn something about an issue before you start spouting off on it?  And, since you taken the opportunity to open your mouth and show your ignorance, why don’t you take the time to actually learn something about the issue and return to the Cacherel restaurant for another lunch with reporters when you actually know what you’re talking about?

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