A Glimmer of Hope in Dingell’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Congressman Dingell endorsed Hillary Clinton earlier today.  Within that endorsement, with its favorable words about Obama and stronger words for Clinton, is the following:

“Senator Clinton also understands that a green economy is a smart economy.”

“Green economy is a smart economy …” Boy, can we say that these are words in line with a blog called “Energy Smart”? 

“She has an energy policy that promotes job growth while reducing our carbon footprint. “

Yes, Michigan, we can grow jobs while carving our global warming impact.

Her plan for retooling America’s auto factories will help guide our country towards producing more advanced technology vehicles with higher fuel economy standards, but will also protect Michigan jobs. 

Yes, it is possible to go well pass the 2007 Energy Bill’s 35 miles per gallon target. Note that Hillary’s Energy Plan calls for 55 miles per gallon fleet average by 2030.  Hmmm … I seem to remember a Congressman Dingell fighting hard against the supposed damage that increasing fuel economy standards (to something reasonable) would devastate Detroit.

Dingell made an impassioned comment re universal health care within the endorsement, which otherwise is impressively Michigan centric.

But, back to a “green economy is a smart economy”.  What does Congressman Dingell’s endorsement statement have to say about the sort of energy and environmental (Global Warming) bill he might shepard through his Committee. Could we hope that its template would be the Clinton Energy Plan?  That would be a pretty good start.


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