On being called out by Environmental Defense

Environmental Defense sent out an e-mail to Senate staffs and Senators specifically calling out this blogger for attention, calling for advertising coordination between Senators and Environmental Defense in support of the Lieberman-Warner Coal Subsidy Act (CSA, mistakenly called the Climate Security Act).

My statement:

I am saddened that Environmental Defense seems far more interested in pushing forward fatally (and, I do mean fatally … and I think of my/our children when I write that … ready to provide details to those interested) flawed legislation than in positioning the nation for a move to meaningful action. 
Now, if anyone actually cares to read what I wrote, this is how I ended the specific post in question:
And, this is the saddest thing about this issue, about having to write this diary. When it comes to sensible approaches to Global Warming, Senator Boxer gets the science, she gets the challenge, she understands the risk for her grandchildren.  It is sad that Boxer is aiming her ‘left hooks’ at strong voices for environment, like FoE, rather than humanity’s real foes exemplified by Senator Inhofe (R-Exxon).
It is sad that Environmental Defense (which gets the science, gets the challenge, and understands the risk for our children/grandchildren) is aiming their left hooks at strong voices for the environment, like FoE (and myself), rather than at humanity’s real foes as exmplified by Senator Inhofe.
Wouldn’t it be better if Environmental Defense (and the Senators that they contacted) were spending this money and energy educating Oklahomans about climate change and how Senator Inhofe is working against their interests?
A Siegel
PS:  Thank you ED for that back-handed compliment.  Didn’t realize that I’m a “major DailyKos contributor” and that anyone, at the end of the day, really gave a damn.

Environmental Defense’s e-mail to Senate staff:

From: Mark MacLeod <XXXX@environmentaldefense.org>
Cc: Elizabeth Thompson <XXXX
Sent: Mon Feb 04 XXXXXXXX 2008
Subject: Need your help challenging attacks on Chairman Boxer, the EPW Committee, and climate bill
Senator Boxer and the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act have come under attack in ads placed on liberal blogs.  Some blog posts have picked up on the claims in these ads (see http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/31/183620/707 <http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/31/183620/707>  ).  Environmental Defense has been defending the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act and the work of the EPW committee on these blogs and through posts on our own blog http://www.climate411.org <http://www.climate411.org>  , but we feel at this point it would be very helpful to have members of the Committee voice their support for Sen. Boxer, the committee, and the LWCSA.  One idea we have would be to run ads on the blog sites and we would be happy to work with your office to arrange for filming of a short statement of support.  Other ideas include a joint letter from the members of the committee who voted for the bill.  The more members that would participate – the stronger the message (further details below).

Please let us know if you would consider participating in such an ad or taking other action.  Time is of the essence.  FYI – I am sending this message to all the offices that voted for the bill as well as other prominent supporters

Mark MacLeod

Friends of the Earth (FOE) is running ads against the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, calling for killing the bill (if unrealistic dramatic changes are not made).

— There are growing calls in the liberal blogosphere for opposition to the bill; and a general push against passing any climate bill in this Congress.  This position has NOT yet solidified, but will become orthodoxy if we do not present a counterview from respected pro-environment voices.

— A major DailyKos contributor today (2/1/08) ran a full-throat expression of the FOE point view, directly attacking Sen. Boxer for wanting to move forward and for objecting to the FOE ads.

— Environmental Defense and many other major environmental groups (Friends of the Earth is small and fairly isolated) are in favor of moving forward to get a strong bill like Lieberman-Warner.  We may differ on details and areas which require improvement, but are still pushing for action in this Congress.

— For scientific reasons, and to take advantage of political momentum (which should not be taken for granted), we think it is important to make a strong start on global warming by passing a bill like Lieberman-Warner this year.  If there are more environmental supporters in Congress in the future, we can improve it, as we did the Clean Air Act and other important first steps.  Delay only makes the solution harder and more expensive.

— We need a strong voices to stand up for Sen. Boxer, the committee, the LWCSA, and for the importance of acting NOW on climate change.  Environmental Defense is interested in running ads featuring that voice on the same blogs where the FOE ad is appearing.


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