Republicans vote Global Warming? New Hampshire? Michigan?

Of the Republican pack fighting over the scraps for the Republican nomination for President, only John McCain chose to speak about Global Warming in New Hampshire.  And, according to Time Magazine, Global Warming was one of eight keys to New Hampshire, with that being the only substantive issue.   And, it seems quite possible that hot weather (and Global Warming) was a key to John McCain’s victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary last week.

In two days, Michigan will be voting and it looks like Global Warming might again be key. In this case, it could assure that John McCain does not come out on top in the voting.

Now, when it came to New Hampshire, a number of organizations made a dedicated effort to make Global Warming a top agenda in this leading Presidential primary. 

And, John McCain made Global Warming a top issue in New Hampshire in his talks.

“I will clean up the planet,” McCain said. “I will make global warming a priority.”

… appearing before a crowd of several hundred in this relatively liberal city, he focused solely on the environmental argument. He didn’t mention nuclear power. He was appealing directly to the state’s sizable environmental community …

And, this focus gave not just sound bites, but also photo bites …

Speaking outside the statehouse, McCain was cheered by a group of sign-wielding environmentalists. McCain cheered them back: “Way to go, global warming folks!” A hoarse-sounding McCain told the crowd: “I want to assure you I will make this planet clean … we will hand to you a cleaner planet than the one you were living in before I became president of the United States, I promise you that.”

Moments later, as if on cue, a chunk of melting snow from the statehouse roof landed near McCain. Momentarily surprised, McCain assured the crowd he was OK.

“It’s just snow, thank you,” McCain said. “That’s that climate change there.”

Now, to be clear, John McCain’s ‘solution’ simply slows the headlong rush toward catastrophe, it would not turn us away from the dangerous path, his targets simply do not stand up to requirements. 

Yet … yet … McCain is the Lone Ranger within the Republican pack, willing to speak directly to and even forcefully in some ways re Global Warming.

I have been to Greenland, I have been to the South Pole. I’ve been to the Arctic and I know it’s real. I believe that we’ve got to go back to nuclear power. We’ve got to do alternative energy. We’ve got to have a cap and trade proposal …

Couric: Why has it taken so long, Senator?

McCain: Special interests. It’s the special interests. It’s the utility companies and the petroleum companies and other special interests. They’re the ones that have blocked progress in the congress of the United States and the administration. That’s a little straight talk.

No, there aren’t many leading Republicans saying that “special interests” like “petroleum companies” are inhibiting progress, are an obstacle to sane action on Global Warming.

On to Michigan …

Speaking of special interests, one of those obstacle “special interests” that has inhibiting Energy Smart action in the United States, one shouldn’t forget the auto industry. (Worth mentioning, of course, amid the Detroit Auto Show, with its seeming rehashing of showing off fuel inefficient vehicles.) 

Michigan, home of special interests, wasn’t one of those early primary states targeted for specific, focused attention on Global Warming issues.   And, the Denier machine is gearing up their attack on John McCain. And, that denier machine front-piece organization, “American Environmental Coalition” (an Astroturf name supreme; and the style of the website seems that way) contains many names associated with traditional Republican “base” constituencies. Some of the names:

  • Pat Robertson, The Christian Broadcasting Network
  • Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
  • Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation
  • Gary Bauer, American Values
  • Etc …

And, AEC’s co-chair just attacked McCain

When it comes to climate change, John McCain and Al Gore are far too much alike for my comfort. John McCain has been sponsoring legislation for the past several years that would give Al Gore much of the regulatory control and power he sought when he and Bill Clinton tried to get America to sign on to the UN’s Kyoto global warming treaty.

Leading into the Michigan primary, voices from the Republican debate are calling on their faithful to reject reality, to deny what is becoming evident to the naked eye, to reject science, to deny the concept of reality-based policy concepts. 

Now to the questioning

  • Was Global Warming a critical issue in the New Hampshire Republican primary and will it be critical in Michigan? 
  • If New Hampshire’s Republican primary valued acknowledgment of reality, will Michigan’s Republicans reject it?

10 responses to “Republicans vote Global Warming? New Hampshire? Michigan?

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  2. hey I just wanted to say even though I am a Democrat, i respect Mccain. He may side with Republicans on more issues than he does Democrats, but he is a moderate. I recognize that his policies and ideas about global warming and the environment are not up to par with what is required, however it is far better than any of his republican competitors. I personally think it is more important that Mccain wins the Republican primary than whichever Democrat wins theirs. All the dems are strong on this issue. This way in the general election, we get 2 candidates that are strong on this issue. Even if the Dem loses(which i do not want to have happen), it wouldnt necessarily entail the end of the world(pun intended). McCain’s policies might not be up to par now, but if he were elected, strong pressure from environental groups and information from scientists could persuade him to strengthen his policies since he is clearly open minded on this issue. I may not be a Republican, and i might not vote Republican in the general, but I am rooting very hard for McCain in the primary.

  3. Matt,

    Is McCain “strong” on Global Warming or simply the least weak of Republicans?

    On the Energy Bill, when facing obstacles for voting on equity on taxes to provide financing for renewable energy, John McCain was the only Senator who was unable to get to Washington to vote. The vote for cloture: 59 to 40 and it required 60.

    Thus, how much is John McCain “straight talk’ without straight action to back it up?

  4. Hey asiegal, I recognize McCain isn’t as strong as the Democrat contenders on global warming, but I still like his stance. To your question about whether hes actually strong or simply least weak of Rebublicans, i say both. I would say the Democrats are “very strong” and McCain is “strong”. Also, in regards to the Energy Bill, obviously I don’t know the details on why McCain couldnt get to Washington to vote, and he probably has other blemishes on his environmental record as well, however I’m sure if you cherry picked you could find poor decisions by the Democratic field when it comes to energy and global warming. While I don’t know the specifics on each candidate, I know Barack Obama has some questionable votes in the past over legislation. I also know he has alot of favorable votes, and has overall a very strong stance on global warming. At least in the example you’re providing, McCain didn’t vote no on the bill, he just wasn’t there. I know that you as well as I know McCain has things he can point to that are “straight action” on global warming, energy, and the environment. He does “get it”. However, I feel as though I’m trying to defend him a little too hard. My point in my comment was that I want to see him come out of the Republican field. He might not be as strong as the Dems, but he is light years ahead of his party. I’d like to see a general election where both candidates have favorable stances on global warming and energy, and that way this issue could get alot more attention and mentioning, and both candidates would be trying to one-up each other. Is the another Republican you would rather see come out of the field? Or do you not have a preference? My preference is McCain, but make no mistake I’ll still vote Dem in the gen. election, but at least I won’t hate the alternative if we lose.

  5. If you think green issues are a big platform this election, just wait until 2012. The solar industry is growing at 30%+ per year and will be the next revolution. A coupls of promising ideas are on the horizon.

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