Global Warming Hitting New Hampshire. Hard?

Time magazine has identified “The Eight Keys to New Hampshire

Fire Marshals, global warming, nostalgia — these are just a few of the indicators and factors that will help determine the outcome of the nation’s first primary

Nostalgia; Independent Voters; The Union Leader; Fire Marshals; Huckabee’s New England Appeal; The Ron Paul Effect; Romney’s Rebranding; and, Global Warming.

What is truly notable about this is that Global Warming is the sole “substance”, the sole issue that Time has identified as a critical issue in the New Hampshire voting.  Not Iraq. Not the Economy. Not Health Care.  No, there are seven ‘style’ related “keys to New Hampshire” and only one item of ‘substance’.

It may be Al Gore’s ultimate political triumph: climate change as a key election issue. Everywhere they go throughout the state, candidates from both parties field questions about global warming from voters who are looking for more than just platitudes. They want to hear about cap-and-trade, carbon tax, hybrid cars, and woe to the candidate who tries to side-step the issue. Last spring, 180 out of 234 townships in the state passed a resolution asking the federal government to address climate change. That could result in some raised temperatures for Republicans who are still getting used to the idea that global warming might be real.

Now, this is not just Al Gore.  Some major kudos should go to organizations, activists, education programs (like The Climate Project and Focus the Nation), experts, and concerned citizens who have worked hard to make this an issue of note in the campaign.

For example, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) The Heat is On (with their great What are they waiting for? as well) has helped bring pressure and visibility to Global Warming issues, with a real focus on engaging and educating citizens of early bellweather states like Iowa and New Hampshire. The Sierra Club’s Presidential primary project, with their New Hampshire program.  StepItUp. 1 Sky. And, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). And, others for whom kudos are due. 

According to Time Magazine, Global Warming is on the mind of New Hampshire’s voters today and, we hope, the nation’s voters come next November.


That there is attention matters, but the issues merit even greater attention as we strive to Energize America and the globe toward a prosperous, climate friendly society.  Many opportunities exist for activism and engagement. For example, join Focus the Nation on 31 January for a teach-in on Global Warming. It is not too late to organize your own Focus the Nation action. (Perhaps simply by contacting The Climate Project to have a Gore-trained presenter (like myself) give a talk on Global Warming and ways to work toward a more sensible, climate friendly society from our own actions to political engagement.


4 responses to “Global Warming Hitting New Hampshire. Hard?

  1. Is global warming man made or natural? Take a look at this video and decide for yourself.
    One thing I think that is not in dispute is our consumption of nonrenewable resources. Our resources are precious and we need to conserve whenever possible. We can conserve our natural resources by using solar power. Two ways are on the horizon that will make solar power affordable to every household. One is Nanosolar and the other is the Citizenre plan. I follow both in my blog at

  2. Reggie,

    Thank you for visiting.

    1. The “Great Global Warming Swindle” is an intellectual swindle and has been dissected and discredited so many times. Check out Real Climate, for example, and you will see enough material to see why this is simply part of denier/delayer fodder that is truthiness rather than truth.

    2. Glad to know that you are following supporting solar. Sad to say, CitizenRe seems to be quite questionable. Search CitizenRe on EnergySmart and you will find many reasons to be wonder just whether there is a there there. Have they installed a single rooftop yet?

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