Extreme Makeover (Home Edition) goes solar

That popular show, ripping apart a home and putting together an extraordinary new one in just one week, chose to go solar this week.  While far from the greenest show (What effort to recoup / reuse all the material from torn down homes? What discussion of above code insulation or other energy efficient choices?),  this is the type of popular culture venue that can influence many who don’t spend their time researching blog sites that discuss energy issues. 

Tonight’s segment, on the “Ray-Smith Family”, had a solar hot-water heater put in …

With each house, there seems to be one focused “green element“.  With the Ray-Smiths, it is the Apricus Solar Hot Water system.  

The Apricus Solar Collector or Solar Water Heater is a device that absorbs thermal energy from the sun and converts it into usable heat. The heat is normally absorbed by water, or a freeze resistant water mix, which can then be used to supplement hot water heating, space heating and even space cooling via use of an absorption chiller or desiccant cooler technology.
Insulating concrete … energy efficient lighting … energy efficient windows … recycled fencing material … Each home with its own, special green product.
Maybe its time for the Extreme Makeover to showcase going from energy inefficient (or energy normal) to carbon neutral housing.

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