Fee-bating toward an Energy Smart future: The French path

Energize America has long had a FeeBate incorporated into it to encourage a more rapid move toward more fuel efficient, lower polluting vehicles. Charge a sliding FEE on low mileage, high polluting vehicles and give a reBATE to high mileage, low polluting vehicles. Balance this such that the collected Fees pay a good share of the reBate costs.

Slowly, the FeeBate concept is gaining momentum around the world. Earlier this month, the French government announced a FeeBate system with the “Ecological Bonus” applying to vehicles with low CO2 emissions. The highest bonus, 5000 Euros (roughly $7500) applies to super-low emitters, less than 60 g de CO²/km which includes electric vehicles (especially in France, with so much of the electricity from nuclear power).

The worst offenders will pay penalties of 2500 Euros. And, the regulations are planned with a constant strengthening, with 5 g de CO²/km reduction in each category every two years.

 In terms of bonus, the following is the initial regulation:

  • 1000 € for cars emitting less than  100 gCO2/km: (Think very small car, like the Smart)
  • 700 €  for vehicles emitting between 101 and 120 g CO² ; 
  • 200 € for emissions between 121 and 130 g CO²/km.

And, the penalties:

  • 200 € for vehicles with emissions between 161 and 165 g CO²/km ;
  • 750 € for emissions between 166 and 200 g CO²/km ;
  • 1600 € penalty fo remissions between 201 and 250 g CO²/km (Mercedes E-class, for example) ;
  • 2600 € for emissions above  250 g CO²/km.  (VW Toureg)

 Trade-ins will be favored. Show up with a car over 15 years old and there is 300 € that the government will put on the table to retire the car.


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