What are they waiting for?

What are they waiting for? is an excellent question from the League of Conservation Voters and an excellent site.  As I’ve noted before, if we judge their views by the issues they raise with presidential candidates, global warming simply does not exist for TV pundits like Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos, Wolf Blitzer, Bob Schieffer, and Chris Wallace.

LCV went backand looked at all the Sunday talk shows and debates … 126 occasions … 2275 questions. 

How often have Global Warming and Climate Change been mentioned?

Three times.

As LCV notes:

 There have nearly been more presidential candidates this year then questions about global warming.

When LCV extended their analysis to items that could be considered related, such as fuel efficiency and oil subsidies (as if these are not important issues in their own right), the total gets to 24.

The LCV has been working hard to make Global Warming and Climate Change part of the political process, part of the political discussion.  If you haven’t visited already, The Heat is On is a site worth visiting, with material worth acting on.

Global Warming is the greatest challenge facing us. Leadership will determine the legacy we leave our children. Every Presidential candidate needs to make this a priority.  Join the campaign to make it happen.

LCV and other organizations have been successful in getting attention to these questions, with citizens rising up to ask questions of candidates throughout the country, OPEDs to newspapers, and other awareness efforts.

But, this does not seem to be penetrating through to the media elite.

Three questions of 2,275?  Who are these five kidding?

The Climate Crisis will be the biggest challnege facing the next president.

But the top Sunday hosts don’t seem to think so.  

Sign the Petition calling on them to change,

to demand that the hosts stop the nonsense and start asking the candidates substantive questions on global warming.


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