Solar Pool Cleaning

Swimming pools are not, generally, the most environmentally friendly item you’ll find.  Lots of chemicals to clean them, the electricity to keep the pumps running, all the energy to heat them, all the water used up to fill them … all in all, not the most climate friendly lifestyle choice.

But options are growing to cut your pool’s carbon footprint.  Solar pool heating systems have been around for awhile and pay for themselves quickly through reduced fuel use.  Now, another solar device is coming on the market, the Solar Breeze solar-powered pool robotic skimmer.

The Solar-Breeze provides pool filtering and chemical management. It eliminates the need for swimming pool pumps, which can mean a drop of perhaps two-thirds in annual operating costs through stopping that pull from the electrical grid and replacing it with free sunpower.  In addition, the manufacturer claims that chlorine usage can be cut by one-third using a Solar Breeze.


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