Astroturfing the Political Discussion

“Clean Coal” sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?  Sounds like coal that’s just been washed with Woolite or such. It is, in reality, an extremely dangerous and seductive term that obscures the very real pollution that would occur even with “clean coal” electricity production. It is not just LCV that is seeking to influence the Presidential discussion.  The Astroturf organization, Americans for Balanced Energy Choices is a promoter of “Clean Coal”, seeking to promote Global Warming emissions growth through even more coal use. “ABEC” is very good, after all, they do provide you paths toward reducing your personal carbon emissions and energy saving tips.  This is a “100,000 person strong” organization that gives no information (easy to find, at least) about their funding.  They claim to be about balanced energy,  but their objective is to promote coal use.

And, today, they took that promotion to the Hill.

Santa Clauses, wearing white gloves, were at the Union Station and Capitol South Metro stations handing out coal. Handing out clean coal, that is, that didn’t leave a speck of dust on those beautiful white gloves.  A Christmas gift to the Globe, a path for even more CO2 emissions for decades to come.

At the site, you will find clips of the Presidential candidates talking about coal.   In a mirror imaging of The Heat is On,

ABEC members are asking the presidential candidates to spell out their detailed positions on the use of clean coal.

As a sign of their (lack of?) success, they have just two videos up: one of Hillary Clinton and the other of Rudy Guiliani.


2 responses to “Astroturfing the Political Discussion

  1. Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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