Reckless Minority Endangering America’s Future!

And, well, is the Democratic Majority surrendering the battle to that reckless minority too quickly? Yet again …

The Energy Bill has seemed a strong effort in the face of political realities, even if inadequate in face of the reality what require, but it fell viction to a reckless minority who are wedded to a fossil-fuel, polluting path that further weakens America with each passing day.  They will feed lines about how this will hurt the economy.  These are, well, to put it as politely as possible, truthiness bordering on lies.  Green Energy solutions create jobs.  They improve the economy through improved health care and productivity. They improve the economy through reducing the balance of trade deficit.  They can hurt, however, Exxon-Mobil executives’ bonuses, however.

Senator Reid should not be so quick to cave in front of 40 Senators willing to put their fossil-fuel friends before the nation.  40 Senators willing to put their fossil fuel friends before the future of all humanity. 

Senator Reid:  KEEP THE SENATE OPEN for the weekend.  Make the 40 read the phone book in support of tax subsidies for the oil and gas companies.  Make this “CALLOUS MINORITY” explain themselves to the nation.

Ask yourself the question: 

How many Americans would be supportive of a filibuster supporting tax subsidies for Exxon-Mobil?


Sierra Club:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 13 December 2007

Callous Minority Blocks Energy Bill in Senate

Washington, D.C.–Today, by a bipartisan vote of 59 to 40 on a cloture motion, an irresponsible minority of Senators continued to block progress on a comprehensive energy bill.  Majority Leader Reid has pledged to bring back a bill without the clean energy tax provisions later today.  He also indicated his desire to bring back legislation to support renewable energy as soon as possible next year.

Statement of Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director

“It is unacceptable that despite the support of a majority of senators, an irresponsible minority in the Senate has again blocked the energy bill using procedural maneuvers.  Make no mistake, this determined minority voted against clean energy, billions in relief at the pump for their constituents, energy independence, and the tens of thousands of jobs that this bill would create.  These senators should truly be ashamed of themselves for turning their backs on their constituents and instead siding with polluting special interests.“We applaud Majority Leader Reid and the Senate leadership for their continued efforts to find a compromise in order to pass this essential legislation.  Unfortunately, an irresponsible minority appears intent on stopping progress on a comprehensive bill that supports renewable energy.  We will not allow this temporary setback to become a permanent roadblock to renewable energy in this Congress.   The American people are clamoring for clean, renewable energy and will continue to work with the leadership in Congress to deliver it to them as soon as possible.

Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder released the following statement in response to reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to further weaken the energy bill after failing to achieve cloture on an already-weakened version of the bill earlier today:

“It’s clear that Democratic capitulation isn’t limited to Iraq. When the Republican leadership and the polluter lobby have blocked important legislation, Senate Democrats have been all too willing to move in their direction. The result is that the two most positive provisions of the energy bill–a clean energy mandate and a tax package reining in handouts for fossil fuels and promoting clean energy–are being removed while detrimental provisions, such as a radical five-fold increase in unsustainable biofuel use, remain.

“This is the wrong approach. Instead of capitulating, the Senate Democrats should show some backbone. If Republicans want to block progress on clean energy and global warming, they should be forced to mount a real filibuster–for weeks if necessary. If President Bush and Republican senators persist in their obstruction, Democrats should pull the energy bill from the floor and make it an issue at the ballot box instead. Let’s be clear. What the Republicans are doing here is morally repugnant. They are jeopardizing our children’s future in order to help corporate polluters make more money. The American people have signaled that they want a different direction, and Democrats should not yield to this obstruction.

“The basic truth is that our system of energy production and consumption is wholly unsustainable, and dramatic changes are needed or we risk a systemic collapse. Unfortunately, we are not yet getting the bold leadership from the Senate that is required to bring about these changes.”


7 responses to “Reckless Minority Endangering America’s Future!

  1. Time for a filibuster! Make that reckless minority of Senators who stand in the way of a sustainable and prosperous 21st Century America literally STAND in the way and filibuster while cameras role. It’d be political theater, but down-right effective political theater, forcing these 40 Senators to explain why they sided over giant oil companies recording massive profits and not with the American consumer. It’d show some strength on the Dems part and most importantly, it would start to shift political realities to more closely match what real reality demands! If this reckless and downright despicably 40 Senators get away with this Scott free, with no political ramifications, how can we ever expect political realities to shift?


  2. Looks like they went the backbone-less way…

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  6. Environmentalist wackos have blocked this Country’s progress for energy independence for too long. You loons are why we are paying $4 per gallon for gasoline. Forget your stupid energy bill. All it will do is put a substantial burden on taxpayers to fund your extreme “Green” agenda.

  7. Julio. Your ignorance is clear.

    So, how much oil is available to drill and pump? With 3% of the world’s reserves, maybe, how long would drill everything take us?

    Who took the solar panels off the White House roof and undercut efforts to develop US technologies to free US of Arab oil?

    Who stopped the government-private partnership to develop hybrid cars and instead leaped to hydrogen?

    Who …

    “Extreme …” It is extreme to lock us into the death spiral of ever-increasing prices and ever-worsening pollution.

    “Wackos” … try looking to scientists and energies and real opportunities.

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