Pulling it together: On the cusp of dramatic change

PV panels at ten percent of today’s cost?  Wow.   That would equate to, roughly, a 30 percent reduction of solar installation costs if this can happen.  

A grandmother’s flyer creates a large market demand, cutting costs by over 15 percent.

And, a city’s financing scheme offers people who would not otherwise have been able to afford installing renewable power systems the chance to be on the leading edge of an Energy Smart future, of helping to create a prosperous, climate-friendly society.  

Combine these three.  New technologies potentially driving down costs (fast).    A mass market (community by community, grandmother’s flyer by flyer) waiting to be created. And, the power of (local) government enabling people to act.  This is a path to Energizing America to that better future.

We can all help make America

Energy Smart.

Ask yourself:   Are you doing  your part to ENERGIZE AMERICA?



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