Stop Thinking About Tomorrow …

Sacremento Dem asked What is the biggest outrage of this Administration?  At the end of the diary, a list of truly “outrageous” acts.  Outrageous.But, perhaps, the most outrageous element was not in that list, as outrageous as every element listed was and is to consider.

No, in the desire to reject everything from Bill Clinton, this Administration (and the Republican Party it exemplifies) has chosen to stop thinking about tomorrow, to reject the entire concept of thinking about and considering tomorrow, and have used their power to sell out tomorrow.

Short-Term Posturing/Maneuvering vs Long-Term Preparations

Rather than Bill Clinton and ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’, the Bush-Cheney Administration and their Congressional allies have chosen to Stop Thinking About Tomorrow and, instead, have been selling out of tomorrow, across the board, with afocus on near-term (and often special) interests.

On consideration, Stop Thinking About Tomorrow captures many of the problems that so outrage:

Extreme Partisanship

The extreme partisanship and abuse of traditional governmental relationships has weakened the very sort of ‘protections’ that Republicans so relied on when in the minority.  That has fostered a restrained government that (old) Republican rhetoric so valued.  

Flouting the Constitution on a raft of issues

This has weakened the very fabric of American society, our mutual contract as citizens.

Want to worry about “black helicopters”, well, you might not require those tin foils much longer.  

Tax Increase on the Unborn (commonly referred to as Bush’s Tax Cuts) and Financial Mismanagement

Clearly, the Bush-Cheney Administration cares about the unborn, after all, who will pay for the excesses of today, if not them?  

Over stretching of the military

And, well, burning up foreign good will.  Remember that La Monde headline, “Today, we are all Americans”?  Why care if anyone likes us (US) tomorrow?

Fossil-Fuel Enegy and (Anti) Environmental Policy

Oil is peaking? Lets use it faster.

Globe is warm? Let us make it warmer, faster.  

All of these are noted by their abandonment of tomorrow as a reality in decision/policy making.

As is so much of what has happened through this Administration, in contrast to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, the anthem seems to be STOP THINKING ABOUT TOMORROW.

Well, it is time to Start Thinking About Tomorrow again, stopped digger deeper holes, and move toward a better path forward.


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