50% of electricity from the wind by 2025 … A Danish Roadmap

Denmark has an announced plan for 30 percent of all electricity to come from renewable power by 2025. Well a just released study might make this seemingly ambitious goal a relic of the past.  Ea Energy Analysis produced 50% Wind Power in 2025 laying out the costs, benefits, and challenges of reaching this target.

Much as per discussions for a Smart Grid in the United States, a key challenge toward moving toward such a high renewable energy contribution is a better electricity distribution system.

Integration of 50% wind power into the Danish electricity system is technically possible without threatening security of supply. Reaching the objective with a viable socio-economy implies that a more dynamic electricity system is developed and that the international electricity market functions efficiently in order to handle balancing and needs of system reserves across borders.

And, well, that the Danish electricity system be integrated with other Euroepan nations, with a system for balancing power generation and requirements.

And, well, compared to the base case, “business as usual”, scenario, Ea Energy Analysis found that electricity prices per KwH would actually drop by 0.4 cents Euro.  And, that is inclusive of the costs for building and running that smart(er) grid.


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