Experts say Globe at risk, story page A3 …

Well, yesterday the International Panel on Climate Change released a quite serious report (pdf), stating that global warming is unequivocally occurring, that humanity is a leading factor, and that major action is required (ASAP) or the damage will go from serious to, well, potentially catastrophic. 

So, where is this covered?  For the Washington Post, page A3 Saturday.

Sunday, an excellent follow-up article … page A10.

World as we know it to end, see inside …

Yesterday, there was a Presidential forum on Energy and Global Warming.  Kudos to Senators Clinton and Edwards, and Representative Kucinich for showing up. But where were the other five Democratic candidates?  Where were the Republicans?  Not there.

Now, this panel was extemely interesting, the questioning thoughtful, and probing.  Yet, where is the attention paid to it?  Well, much silence, it seems.   Again, in The Washington Post, not a word to be found.  On their website, a reasonable article from AP, but nothing in the print edition. 

Sunday’s Washington Post had a front page ‘horse race’ story about John McCain in New Hampshire.  Buried inside, a piece on the Clinton-Obama campaigns going at it like gangbusters based on an inciteful (and questionable) Novak hearsay story.  But, while there is the good (page A10) story about the UN report, nothing about the US political scene and Global Warming.

There are real proposals on the table from candidates.

There are real differences between their concepts.

But, will Americans learn about these from the traditional media?

This weekend should not give anyone any confidence that they will.


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