Write Congress with Environmental Defense

Environmental Defense is calling on us (US) to write to Congress to demand legislative action on Global Warming.

I’ve only done a few small additions to their suggested letter. Guess if you can figure our what I added.

Global warming is the most serious environmental threat facing the planet today. Yet, with just weeks left in the legislative calendar this year, Congress has not yet scheduled a vote to cap and reduce America’s global warming pollution.

Even as Congress continues to work towards final passage of energy legislation containing a “down payment” on global warming, Congress must also move forward with legislation to cut emissions of global warming pollutants.

As a concerned citizen, I urge you to do everything in your power to get a bill to the floor in both the Senate and the House this year that meets these four criteria:

– Set a hard cap on global warming pollution and a concrete timetable for reduction;

– Ensure all forms of global warming pollution are covered;

– Set new standards for environmentally sound ethanol and other biofuels; and

– Foster real market competition for next generation energy sources

– 100% Auction of Permits — DO NOT GIVEAWAY AMERICA’s future to serial polluters

– A target of NO LESS THAN 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, and preferably 90%

With only weeks left in the legislative calendar, there is no time to lose. You may not have time to pass a law this year, but you must do more to mark up legislation and prepare for floor action.

We must get global warming policy right and we must do it now.

Yes, a bill with adequate targets and keeps revenue for all of us (All of US). That is a bill to support.


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