Whose Environment is Environmental Defense Defending?

The saga continues. 

As it stands now, the Liberman-Warner Climate Security Act provides a secure financial environment for historic polluters and secures little else. It has inadequate targets to prevent catastrophic climate change.  It hands away $100s of billions, impoverishing the average American for the favor of giving handouts to polluters. And, in giving away that money, it empties the bank of funds that could be used to achieve a better future.

And, well, Environmental Defense is going to the mat, going to bat with millions of dollars to secure passage of this inadequate bill.  As per NY Times reporting, ED is going to get Gov Ahnold (R-CA), Gov Huntsman (R-Utah) and Gov Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana) on airwaves across the country to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans to support this inadequate answer to the challenges facing the nation and the globe.

The advertising campaign is underwritten by Environmental Defense, an advocacy group that is pressing for quick action on a climate change proposal sponsored by Senators Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, and John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia.

One has to wonder whether the governors truly understood and appreciated what they are advertising. Perhaps they did, perhaps they didn’t.

Governor Schweitzer said dealing with global warming was the “greatest imperative” of this and future generations. “We need to find a sustainable, renewable American energy supply so we will not commit the next generation to fight another oil war,” he said.

Well, Governor Schweitzer, a question for you: What is there if Lieberman-Warner that you see to secure a “sustainable, renewable American energy supply”?  The $100 billions of giveaways to long-entrenched polluters who see little need to change or seek alternatives?  The absence of mandates or money for renewable power?  Where does Lieberman-Warner act to secure this vision of the future?

Mr. Schweitzer added: “Here’s a novel concept for Congress. Do something. Anything. Move.”

Okay, this can be the worst. At times, Brian Schweitzer is truly a hero to me. It is amazing to be in the room with him. And, he has been doing great things as governor. But … but … is it better to do something bad than nothing at all?  Should we support a horribly inadequate bill simply to have a “Global Warming” bill pass the Congress?

But … but …

Well, I have questioned, attacked Environmental Defense.  And, well, the NY Times article has me concerned.

However, the one ad before me does not explicitly endorse Lieberman-Warner.

The ad, which you can see at CommonSense, is something that we can all support.


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