Surveying enviro-friendly products

A research team at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara is conducting a survey about buying habits, focusing on questions related to environmentally friendly products. …

to help understand consumer preferences and behaviors regarding environmentally-friendly product selection.

Well, time to go take that survey and put my five cents into the discussion 

The survey begins with an examination of how one ranks envioronmental impact in terms of choosing stores and restaurants. Have to say that, personally, I was somewhat embarassed to consider the questions.  Almost as if when leaving my home/things that I feel that I have direct control, I abandon some sense of responsibility.

I carry bags to the store. I try to buy in ways that reduce packaging. I have contacted store/such owners to advocate more energy efficiency.  But, how often do I choose the store based on the store’s environmental practices? Well, hmmm, not too often, I think.

And, well other things …

Surveys like this can be useful to help one consider one’s own actions, approaches.


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