Video warfare against global warming …

The train is bearing down.

The pluming smoke.

The threat is real.

But the threat is for tomorrow.

Viral videoing.

Powerful images and messages.



And, well, our gigabytes of streaming video simply a mouse click away.

How our paths of communicating, learning, coordinating, and well, so much else are changing minute from minute.

And, well, with all of the legitimately horrible news about Global Warming, Mountain Top Removal, Peak Oil, well, sometime one needs a way to look at these problems, to communicate wtih a laugh rather than a yell.

And, well, the video world can come to the rescue.

If the video in the intro is a powerful ad, a powerful image that says so much, the following are three of my favorite Global Warming-related videos.

Ice is not melting

Thanks to Andrew Revkin, Dot Earth Blog, NYTimes for the tipper on this in The Life and Death of a Climate Hoax. (Now, by the way, that is a pretty good discussion of the recent hoax played on the Climate Denier Branch of the Flat Earth Society (see Pity the Fool), even if Revkin is too gentle with the Flat Earthers, quoting from semi-plausible portions of the hoax rather than its more absurd sections nor does he do the enraptured embrace of the study justice, but it is a good look at how this hoax played out in the blogosphere.

Blue Men Group: where is the emergency exit

Okay, this one has been watched easily 50 times in my household. The kids, even the three-year old, love this. Next Halloween, life will be easy:  lots of blue makeup and the costumes are done.  

“Can you hear?”

Global Warming Games

Kayaking, what a wonderful sport.

Current TV adds to the mix
And, well, there is a place to see a new group of video pieces all together as the EcoSpots are in and, well, they’re extremely good … amazing at what a shot at a free GreenWashing gas guzzler (a Toyota Highlander) as motivation can produce. In all seriousness, some great videos … check them out at Current TV.

Tools to communicate

In all seriousness, the challenges of Global Warming and our Energy crisis/crises demand that we figure out how to communicate with a myriad of audiences, using a myriad of tools.  

Need to catch their attention? Use Blue Man Group as a background while waiting for a meeting to start.  Trying to get the attention of parents about Global Warming, a training bearing down on a young girl will open some eyes.  And, well, so on …

We have different tools and options to communicate … words in a blog are just one of them.


2 responses to “Video warfare against global warming …

  1. Even if scientists disagree I list on my site ways to save money and help the environment.

  2. Simply don’t understand “even if scientists disagree” …

    What disagreement about fundamentals? That there is Global Warming … that it is a threat …

    The core science does not disagree on these …

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