The spoofer revealed …

Low Carbon Kid is the spoofer that much of the Global Warming Denier wing of the Flat Earth Society fell for the other day.

From his post:

Are there only opinions about reality, that we can only trade insults about, or is it possible to refer to independent, or ‘objective’ correlations for those opinions, which can be what they’re based on, and be tested?

The debate on whether modern climate change is caused by human behaviour or due to natural cycles is for some highly emotive, because a great deal of vested interest and money depends on the outcome*.

The sceptics can be divided into two camps: those who base their arguments on a good and transparent understanding of the science and economics; and those who don’t, instead attacking the proponents on personal grounds. And they do get extremely vituperative.

I recently collaborated in an elaborate hoax – called “a spoof that puts the fun back into lying about science” by desmogblog – that was intended to smoke out the latter sort. It was so successful it was syndicated across 600 radio stations in the US.

I won’t give more as I’d like to boost traffic there. Worth reading.


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