Getting the Next President to Talk About Energy / Global Warming

Notable in the Presidential debates, on both sides of the aisle, has been a relative silence on such minor issues as energy and Global Warming.  Peak Oil matter?  Evidently not, based on the hours of debates.  Global Warming?  Well, Tim Russert has asked over 200 questions, not one related to this that I can find. Nor, for example, did it come up at the Yearly Kos Presidential forum in August.

And, this is the case even with every single one of the Democratic candidates having serious energy plans and concepts, all calling for far reaching change from the policies of the current mis-Administration.

Well, this relative silence might change and change significantly due to an event less than two weeks away.

On November 17, presidential candidates will gather in Los Angeles to discuss their vision for tackling the nation’s energy challenges. With less than two months before voting begins, this is a critical opportunity to find out where the candidates stand on these pressing issues.


This forum, “Global Warming and America’s Energy Future,” is sponsored by Grist, which has been doing an excellent job of laying out the candidates’ (both parties) positions on energy and global warming.  But, who are Grist’s partners in this endeavor:

  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund: “To strengthen the capacity of the environmental movement to mobilize citizens as informed voters adn advocates for sound environmental policies.”
  • Center for American Progress Action Fund: “The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a progressive think-tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action. We are creating a long-term, progressive vision for America—a vision that policy makers, thought-leaders and activists can use to “
  • NRDC “Mobilizing America for Our Environment”:  “
  • California League of Conservation Voters:  “CLCV Education Fund strengthens California’s environmental movement and illuminates the direct connection between the environment, public health, and civic participation.”
  • Presidential Forum on Renewable Energy:  “The Presidential Forum on Renewable Energy was created to ensure that renewable energy, sustainability, and conservation are top issues in the 2008 Presidential electionsIt will bring together 2008 Presidential Candidates to generate discussion and foster innovation. “

This looks to be a quite interesting and valuable several hours.  A chance to turn the discussion in the Presidential campaign away from horse racing to substance. To move the discussion toward the arenas of greatest long term import for the nation and the Globe.

We will likely be over $100 oil on this day (we are basically there already) and Peak Oil is (finally) becoming ever more accepted as a reality helping to drive this situation, which is only likely to get worse. 

Sadly, every day the news re Global Warming worsens with ever more general understanding of this as a reality that must be dealt with, even if paths to dealing with it are not agreed on or fully understood.

Now, our challenge, as we look forward to this event, is twofold.

  • Get candidates to the forum:  I have been told that only Senators Clinton and Edwards have confirmed acceptance to this event.  Richardson, Obama, Dodd, Biden, Kucinivich … where are you?  And, well, this is a forum that is not just for Democratic Presidential candidates.  Thus, feel free to contact Republican campaigns to ask them whether their (your?) candidate will be attending.
  • Help develop questions: Those running the forum will read this discussion and responses to it.  Have a question that you want asked of the candidates, throw it in the comments. And, then, pay attention the 17th. Your question might be posed to the next President of the United States.

5 responses to “Getting the Next President to Talk About Energy / Global Warming

  1. Do we really want Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Kucinich there? They have no chance of winning, so what does it matter what they think?

    Perhaps so we’ll know what potential VPs will bring to the ticket?

  2. Excellent. I wonder if a transcript or blogcast will be available.

  3. Couple points:

    * Want all the candidates there and, well, Richardson/Dodd/Kucinich really have strong points in their plans re energy/global warming. They might help push the discussion.

    * There has not been a single vote cast, yet, and we already want to exclude legitimate voices from the discussion? (Note: I did not include Gravel.)

    My understanding is that there is to be some form of blogcast/such, but I am not an organizer. An email from an organizer: “And of course we’re setting it up as best we can for bloggers to be able to listen and give their take on it.”

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