Water, Fire, Global Warming … blending crises

Humanity faces serious challenges today and in the coming years.  Clearly, core to emerging from this century whole will be adequate and appropriate addressing of Peak Oil and Global Warming.  The reality is, however, that these mega-crises are intertwined with numerous other very serious challenges, such as ‘peak’ water and fires like those hitting California as I write.

Over at Calitics, Robert in Monterey has written an excellent piece: Fire, Water, and Global Warming: It’s All One Crisis

There were hurricanes before Katrina, and Southern California wildfires before Witch Creek, Santiago Canyon, and Running Springs. As those of us who have ever lived in SoCal know, the fall winds can easily turn the brown hillsides into menacing flame.

But like the hurricanes spawned by the Atlantic Ocean, the fires spawned by the Santa Ana winds are growing worse. Even though the current danger has not yet passed in SoCal, it is worth examining the links between global warming and wildfire. We’ve known for some time that the two were linked. Perhaps now it is time to finally get serious and do something about it.

The key isn’t merely higher temperatures. At the center of the problem is moisture. California is at the opening stages of the worst water crisis in its modern history. Without enough rainfall, plants and trees will dry out more quickly and more thoroughly, leaving more fuel for fires.

An excellent piece on the interrelationship between Global Warming, water, and California fires.  Recommended …


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