Forest Service Chief Warns of Global Warming Risks

Just yesterday, in a speech to the Society of American Foresters

U.S. Forest Service chief Gail Kimbell says the nation can expect more wildfires like the ones raging through Southern California as global climate change heats up the world’s forests.

“Fires are burning hotter and bigger, becoming more damaging and dangerous to people and to property,” Kimbell said Wednesday. “Each year the fire season comes earlier and lasts longer.”

And, Kimball warned of other Global Warming impacts in the speech, such as greater vulnerability to invasive species.

It seems that Kimball’s speech somehow slipped through the White House’s continued proclivity to edit scientific fact and truth out of agency commentary.

The White House made deep cuts in written testimony given to a Senate committee this week by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on health risks posed by global warming,

Yet again …


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