Cold sodas to buy … anywhere, anytime you ever been steaming hot at the beach or at that kid’s soft ball game and wanted to buy a soda (and, well, of course, recycle the soda can) … but there wasn’t one around? Or, there were semi-lukewarm ones available at exorbitant rates? Well, Solar Vending seems to have come up with a solution to the critical global challenge of cold sodas, 24/7, at that beach.

Solar Energy Vending is a Spanish firm and the machines have been installed in beach areas and golf courses throughout Spain. That’s right, golfers don’t have to suffer with luke warm water out of the golf bag anymore.

The solar soda machine can either be hooked to the grid (assured of cold soda even after a hurricane) or off-the-grid. As they claim,

Should power cuts occur, it will carry on operating when conventional machine stop. No matter if the skies are grey, rain or even at night, 365 days a year.

The solar vending machine opens up new opportunities for businesses and has special advantages in some markets. In the European Economic Community (EEC), profits from the machine’s sales will be income tax free due to the renewable energy sources. And, the vending machines have the potential revenue source of advertising — including LED lighting based mini-billboards. Okay, so, perhaps not so environmentally friendly in all respects.


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