Al & Me: a chance to see AIT briefing in person


The news is in.

What an absolutely deserved and merited Nobel Peace Prize.

And, that Peace Prize is part of something, a discussion that has not stopped, that has not “succeeded”, but must maintain and continue momentum to help affect change to move us on a path toward a Prosperous, Climate Friendly Society.

Part of that path, part of that discussion is via
The Climate Project.

You want to see An Inconvenient Truth briefing in person?  Well, the opportunity is just a few computer clicks away. The Climate Project website has a registration path for scheduling a briefing.

I — and 1000+ of my fellow TCP trainees — are waiting at the other end.

The Nobel Peace Prize … And, on the same day of reporting that crazies in the UK get a judge to make a ridiculous ruling about AIT.  Sanity can reign in one place with insanity in another. It just underlines how the struggle for truth on Global Warming and paths forward continues.

But, Al & Me

As many know, via The Climate Project, Al Gore has trained over 1000 people from around the globe in how to give his AIT presentation.  

With group after group, Gore dedicated serious time to giving all of us insights into the facts, the science, and, well, the very core concepts of the presentation, what he has learned about giving the presentation, nuances of particular slides, what jokes work in what contexts, talked over slides and made changes in the presentation in part with our feedback live as he spent days with us, and, well, and then sent us out on a mission to help get the AIT presentation, in person, to millions more people.

By January 2007, The Cavalry Project (yes, one of the nicknames …) had already given more presentations than Gore had to date. In other words, more than 3000. (Yes, Gore has given literally 1000s of times the presentation (in iterations) over the years.)

Have you seen the briefing live and updated?

Well, it is being given almost everyday (generally many times a day), somewhere: Presentation Schedule.

Do you want to?

Do you have an organization?  A school?  A social group that would benefit from a Climate Project presentation?

Well, TCP trainees are volunteering their time to keep up with the science.  Are spending their time to speak with groups around the country (and in many countries) to engage Americans in a better understanding of Global Warming and to build momentum for change for the better.

Do you want a chance to help? To participate? Scheduling and helping host a presentation is one such way.  And, the opportunity is just a click away:  Presentation Request Form.


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