Plugging in America … Speaking to parents?

A real priority for our nation, for the globe should be moving ever more toward an electrified society with electrified transport (whether train, car, or otherwise).  There is no doubt that from today forward, every day will see fossil fuels for transportation getting dirtier (especially true with ‘oil’), as it will be harder to find (e.g., more energy burnt to extract it) and likely of lower quality than what was burnt through the 20th century.  And, at the same time, there is no doubt that the opportunity, the possibility that electricity will be cleaner every day forward.   And, electricity is fungible — both in production options and in potential uses.

As part of this, part of electrification, moving toward Electric Vehicles / Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles should be a major part of transportation policy for the coming decade. (Along with, well, smart rail / public transport; etc …) 

Plug-In America is one of the champions of this move.  And, well, they’ve come out with a video re PHEVs that should speak to all parents. 

Take the moment to watch this … see if you agree.

 Hat tip to Celsias


One response to “Plugging in America … Speaking to parents?

  1. Video having a hard time posting …

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