World wants global warming action …

And, well, that includes America and Americans.

World Public Opinion just released a poll (full report, pdf, here)  that show that large majorities around the world:

  • Understand that “human activity IS a significant cause” of Climate Change
  • Agree that is is “Necessary to take major steps very soon to Address Climate Change”
  • Believe taht wealthy countries should ive financial/technical assistance to less wealthy countries that agree to limit GHG emissions

While the US is, consisently, behind other developed nations in all three categories (thank you climate deniers sound machine), even the US records strong majorities in responding to all three.

And, well,

The poll includes 14 of the 16 major economic powers invited by President Bush to Washington later this week (September 27-28) to discuss climate change and energy security.

This speaks, therefore, to the very leaders George Bush will address Friday. And, it speaks strongly as to public opinion and knowledge. 

What the poll shows is that ignorance of Global Warming means ignorance about its implications and need for action.

Not surprisingly, those who have heard more about climate change are more willing to take action. Among those who indicate they have heard nothing at all about global warming, only 47 percent support significant measures. That rises to 56 percent among those who say they have not heard very much, 64 percent among those who have heard some, and fully 72 percent among respondents who have heard “a great deal.”

 Even in the United States, 92 percent of people believe that we should be taking action on Global Warming in the near term (59% “major steps very soon”; 33% “modest steps in coming years”).

The question is, no longer, is there Global Warming? Nor is it, is humanity driving it?  The scientific community has spoken in the affirmative on this. And, this poll is yet another statement showing that the public understands this.  The question, the legitimate debate, is what to do, NOW and in the coming years.

PS:  Just for understanding, this poll was of over 22,000 people, with a margins of error in the 2.4-3.5 percent range dependent on country. 


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