Volt to Europe?

The Opel Flextreme is the European variant of the much anticipated Chevy Volt. 

While electricity will be the primary source, the Flextreme will have a diesel engine for range extension. This is starting to show the flexibility of the  Chevy E-Flex power-train architecture.  The Volt is to have a gasoline /E85 flex-fuel engine. The Chinese showed a variant with hydrogen. And, the OPEL will be diesel.

To top off the “cool” part of the system, there are two Segway scooters built into the design.  Charging when driving and personal transport when the car is parked.  Gadget or a change in the business of personal transport? 

Not that the Segways mean more weight and a smaller fuel tank — all of which cuts the range from 640 to 444 miles. But, the 220 volts in Europe mean that a full recharge should take just three hours.

Hat tip to  AutoBlogGreen, which has an extensive discussion.


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